Mission Revamp information request

In EVE Vegas CCP anounced that they will rework how mission work, “using the experience gained in abyssal space”.

Can we know more about it?. When we can expect it?, etc.

Im very surprised that people is not more hiped about this.

They are clearly wanting to bring an overhaul to the game. I mean during EVE Vegas they showed new graphics for star gates and stuff, and I think they want to bring the feeling of space back. I remember when I first started playing I was fascinated by warp, stars, planets, and how big the game is. That feeling kinda dimmed after a while. Bringing abyssal graphics to the game would help, but also missions themselves need an overhaul. They also made a bunch of “What If?” questions at the end. What if there was no tidi? What if you could command NPC fleets and bring them to assist you in war? What of there was line of fire?

The technology exist, I mean its like that in most open world games, but EVE is the largest game ever created. The small scale tech exist but to bring an massive overhaul like this to EVE would require new tech.

I also listened to the presentation , it left me full of questions, and pretty hiped. I would really enjoy a randomized burner mission for example.

They main one is: Its something for the distant future, for when there is no lag on battles :wink:, or do they already have something real on the oven.

I wish we could have a dev comment on this, when the hangover is over.

My guess is that the dev’s were just spitballing / brainstorming.

I doubt that there is anything more than the slides they showed / notes on a whiteboard.

CSM said that CCP eventually wants players to Expand outward by exploring new systems and adding to their empire, but first off we have massive amounts of space un touched (BTW delve is only 40-60% being used up) and the tech doesnt exist.

Well, I think that their recent increase of being able to parse their data better combined with the $200,000,00.00 in incentives has led into the realization that CCP has made some large errors in the past in both their game design and business model. Many people have been asking for mission updates/reinvention for numerous years only to be told by CCP directly (it was either Guard or Falcon) that missions were fine because people were still doing them even after 8+ years. I challenged CCP when RW was created and argued that their dev resources should be better spent on reinvigorating missions and sites. I even suggested using a generator to create new missions and exploration sites during last years PvE roundtable and was almost universally dismissed by the ls/NS attending players. I was told over the years that CCP didn’t have the resources to make from scratch new missions along the lines of the current ones. I even suggested using the abysal AI and software to create both exploration sites and missions, only to be told that it was beyond their ability to do.

Now CCP says they will work on missions. You can’t blame me for being highly skeptical.


Among other things that are broken. After watching the keynote and the ship and modules speech, I thought “wow, if only someone told you that before - oh wait…”

What ever will come of it remains to be seen.

I just hope they don’t make them all into a version of “abyssal space”. I think that would be pretty horrible if they did that.

Having additional missions around difficulty of epic arcs would be great. They’re still soloable without multibox but just so barely and it takes quite a lot of effort and play to do so. But they would also need to increase the payout somewhat, otherwise there will be no point to them as repeatable content.

So do I. With our current missions, you at least know you will get around x amount of bounty payouts, some salvage and meta modules and LP.
If you trained for them, you can do the burner missions also but they are less forgiving and I for one are not always in the mood for difficult pve where you have to pay much more attention.
In abyssal space you don’t know if you get anything or come back from the darkness at all with a gigantic hole in your pocket.

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