Things CCP could do to make Eve more fun

  1. Go into the various missions for agents and double the number of scenarios, then mix them up so they don’t appear in the same order.
  2. Create more 2 and 3 part missions, they tend to have a nice story line
  3. Revamp the various mission arcs
  4. Randomize unexplored sites for exploration more - more sites would be nice
  5. Maybe change the mini-game for data and relic sites

None of these involve rebalancing, the game engine or anything too difficult. Nothing in the UI has to be redesigned. No loot tables have to be redefined. Just put some more missions and variation into the game.

Many more things could be done, but they are harder to do and would mean programming time. Like bringing a nulsec anomaly into highsec randomly somewhere in the universe…or similar…oh my god…how did that happen randomness. :sunglasses:

There are literally thousands of missions in Eve, most are old and renovating the mission system will be a lot of work. It will also be controversial - many people simply farm missions and like them the way they are , 100% predictable. Abyssal space is an environment for testing new PVE tools - advanced AI, procedural generation, weather and random effects. The Abyss is instanced but we’re seeing some of those tools being used for event content in K-space.

I like the idea of anomalies and signatures in Empire space having a lower security status than the system they spawn in. It would allow for higher value content in highsec - but with higher risk, CONCORD doesn’t patrol there!

We’ve asked for new missions and changes to the missions - the problem is that this is legacy code and extremely hard to change or expand. I think you’ll see different kinds of PvE added that isn’t tied to the mission system - like abyssal deadspace - long before we get new missions, sadly.

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