Rework the Mission agents

Why have anything other than security missions. None of the other missions pay enough to be enticing. I would like to request a change in distribution and mining. Would be nice to streamline the process of going from the newbie hub to getting thrown into the big world of eve. I get its a sandbox but the newbies missions are junk without hours of research online or asking a semi helpful or hurtful new chat. Would like to see more lucrative missions other then burners. Maybe a distro mission that runs through trig space but gives a good reward if you make it.

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missions are legacy code, and while they want to redo them, it would be extremely hard… thats why in the past few years, there’s only been one or two L2 missions added, and why a lot of new PVE stuff is like abyssals.

Speak for yourself. I used Distro missions extensively to farm standing. And mining missions are easy to run and very rewarding especially in NPC null sec.

All we need are more missions and also missions that dynamically appear around other bigger PVE content like trig MV systems, Incursions, FOBs, Sotiyos and so on.

Reworked missions are in the making anyway but considering the current state of PVE development quality, I am pretty sure that you won’t like the outcome of this effort. If anything, it will be grindier, less diverse and much harder to enjoy these new system’s new missions should they ever come.

@Zhalyd_Lyehin I would be rather interested to know what kind if isk/h that translates into, since the conversion rates for their LP can be very high.

But I agree that missions like so much of the older parts of the game do need some love and attention.

Distros can be farmed by blitzing (they were initially one reason alpha lost L4 missions). And distro is a great way to farm storyline missions (up to 6 per day)

POS are legacy code too and CCP has side stepped this by adding Upwell Structures whilst leaving POS’s largely intact. A solution here may be to side line the current mission system whilst leaving it running with some functionality and introduce a better system.

To be fair to CCP they have kind of done this with the Abyss, which is also a PVE activity that in some ways is not so different from missions.

But technical reasons like legacy code aside (which is a them problem not a me problem) I am still going to jump up and down about the current mission system because it needs work. So does a lot of the game you could say, but this bit is important to me, so I am going to try and get it attention if I can.

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