New Player mining Career Agents rewards

Hey Gang,
First off,thank you for everything you have done,that being said.
I started up a new toon and decided to run the new player missions and such,.all was good till I started up the L2 mining missions and you guys really need to change over the worthless ore to something that has some kind of actual in-game value.The second mission assignment tested my patience,but after the third
it was a complete waste of time.I am not a new player,but if was, I would have been tuned off very quickly.
Yes a bit of LP and a little ISK is nice,and mining is boring enough,but my gosh,being rewarded with some Velsper would have at least opened up another aspect of the game to explore,.
Its really not much to ask in my opinion.
My two cents

the career agents are not meant to have anything of worth, they are to get you learning how to do the stuff in game (outside of pvp) aside from a few ships, nothing in the career agents should be worth anything.

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Iā€™m not even sure of the OP is talking about actual Career Agents or about L2 mission agents who give Mining missions? Because OP mentions LP rewards, which Career Agents do not award.

OP, if you like mining, go and mine. If you like missions, do courier (distribution) or combat (security) missions. Mining missions are ancient content that is not meant to give good rewards, especially at low mission levels!

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