Suggestion for missions to be more PVP like

What if there is an mission agent that sends you to missions that require you to have warp disruptor in order to be able to finish the missions since the NPC ships will be using micro jump drives when they are near destruction . And of course they’re going to be using variety of ammunitions


Well, you would need a scram to stop a MJD, but yeah, I think it’s an interesting idea. If optimal PvE fits were more viable for PvP, we might have more people taking advantage of emergent game play opportunities, rather than run from them because they know their PvE fits will just get curb stomped.


I recall CCP wanting to move this way for NPC ships - make fighting them much more like fighting players. Increased e-war, different tactics, more aggressive behaviour and so forth.

The “diamond rats” and FOBs were the first appearance of it, the Triglavian emergence sites do the same.

I suspect that reworking the missions and getting them sanely balanced is quite a big task though.


I agree 100% mix the 2! 3 hour roams are terrible so are filament’s becuase they break the sense of eve landscape but Pvp fits in pve rock you can make money while content looks for you and then you can have a nice fight.


Let’s say the mission would start like that you’re going to accept normal mission but there’s two grades on its level of mission ,
First is the default mission with the standard rewards.
And then is the same default mission but without the expense of the Black ops agents that gathered information and planned out the attack for you so not to encounter the veteran pilots

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