New Gore missions would be nice

For the older solo players missions are a passtime and most level 5 can be done solo once skills are maxed.

New Gore missions would be intence with bubbles, every NPC could scram, neut and web as well as the boss for each mission could be a cap with fighters.

The loot drops could be the same as normal missions, that isnt important.

And make sure that it would be near impossible to blitz/solo/warp out. Get some excitement out of it with serious ship restrictions too. And definatly anti-drone NPCs, the new ECM system and target disruptors.

Now that would be a chill passtime when you can’t be bothered with boring stuffs like PVP or mining.

I’ve always thought missions suk face it 1 person enters a mission against 30+ ships and you can solo tank it “meh” try that against player opponents. I’d like to see some missions on par with player ships

Burners. Just a few ships, but very tough and no penalty for declining.


Hahaha hell yes, I remember back in 2006 when I freshly started the game and all experience I had before venturing to low sec in my Caracal for the first time was running missions.
Boy was I surprised when that Vexor shot my ass off in that asteroid belt. :joy:

5s werent suppose to be soloed but everyone started using carriers or a team of alts, i know people that do both.

Your gore missions would just end up being unused content with how bad you want to lock down a ship.

scrams and a bubble? once your in your in and done

webs? so you want people to not even be able to move

neuts? even frigates and cruisers can neut you dry with ease so youd need a passive take

normal loot drops? whats the incentive to do it? itll end up like resource wars

anti-drone? i cant even run a lvl 4 right now without every frigate switching off of me for the drones

ecm? you want people to not be able to use drones and not fire?

weapon disrupt ? so even when you can lock a target through all the jamming you want your shot cant go past the barrel of your gun

your idea would result in no one running it at all


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Enact Protocal 23


I think you night want to look into incursion fleets or L5 abysmals.


Loot drops really isn’t something that matters to most of us who can solo a lvl5 since we already have more isk than we could ever spend and with good ship restrictions it would be exciting to max fit more normal ships. And getting completly jammed up would make things interesting. Of course not both weapons and drones at the same time but make it really hard and good LP points of course.

Gore? Like as in, blood and gore, gore?

Am I missing something? Do you want capsuleers to be shown to be ripped apart in bloody mists when their capsules pop?

Im all for this BTW.

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Gore was a term used in some old fps games meaning extremly hard core (also a term used, not porn) ie very difficult (basically when you are too good at a game they added a mode that was harder).

Maybe i should have said survival mode like in fallout4.

If you want challenge - find a system with fob and start killing diamond miners/rats. You can even earn some ISK if you manage to solo the FOB.

EvE is sandbox, so instead of asking to be spoonfed you can just set up rules, challenges and limitations for yourself and do them for fun.


Why wouldn’t you go to null NPC regions for this? To Stain, for example. You’ll get ECMs, bombs, Scramblers, bubbles, everything and the same loot .

So in another words more rewards for Null sec players. No thanks, they are already massively unbalanced as it is.

We are not unbalanced, we simply made the right choice and are more entitled.

The point of harder missions is to get better loyalty points, say 5x of lvl5 missions.

Not for the lootor isk.

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