Alpha clones/introducing people to eve

Instead of simply allowing them to play eve with limited skills and knowledge (but lets be honest here most alphas in game are probably folks that have actual accounts) simply fling them into the NPC burner missions as an npc? instant pvp practice/learning of ship mechanics and would make burner missions more playable, more fun and certainly less able to farm… imo farming is eves worst issue with folks in null (myself included) fully able to make billions just by doing the same things over and over again, though i dont as its bloody boring to be fair…
Many of you would probably want me to flesh this out a bit more but i feel as an idea there is no real need to do that at this time.

So you want Alphas to be farmed for mission rewards?

*ran an alpha corp
*have several alpha clones
*fully aware of their limited possibilities
*fully aware how long the new players last as alphas
*able to read english
*nothing above said anything about farming alpha players…
so confused by your reply, please explain?

Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but your idea seems to be to allow Alphas to function as NPCs in burner missions. Alphas, which are either newer players interested in trying out the game in a limited capacity, or returning players who are fine with playing using a restricted skill set.

Either way, I’m not sure how this makes Burner missions less easy to farm. Might be a good idea for you to flesh out what you mean, because I feel that I’m missing something.

have you ever ran a burner mission?
your aware that the ai is predictable whereas humans are not? that there is the whole clincher for me in of itself tbvh.
But anyway here goes, currently alpha joins game spend months training and finds out they still cant do ■■■■ leaves game after wasting many hours just trying to make isk…
My incredibly rough idea would be alpha joins game, gets given a ship, is ran through some basics and is then shall we say cynoed into a combat situation; they have lost nothing and haven’t had to waste hours grinding… they have gained experience though…
Currently alpha corps just get decked to be farmed for kills… currently 6 alphas have very little chance against a well skilled omega… though being a solo pvper… well yeh many omegas arent that bright either…
ive spent too much time here, but i would have them ingame as more akin to npc’s where an influx of alt alpha clones wont have any adverse effects within new eden…
im done with forums, now i remember why i dont come here, also reminding me why i dont fc or ceo anymore…

The way I read your idea, it really need more explanation unless you want alpha to be fed to omega mission runner as even easier prey than the current burner NPCs.

Yay make alphas a mission! Man i love you so much :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You’re done with the forums because I asked you to clarify? I wasn’t criticizing the idea, I just didn’t understand it at first.

You’re saying it would be a good experience for Alphas new to the game to be dropped into a PvP situation as part of their learning experience. I don’t think that is at all a bad concept, especially since completing the new tutorial gets them podded anyway. I especially like the idea of acquainting them with cynos early on.

when i ran an alpha corp the alphas were pretty much fed to the playerbase anyway, many quit simply because they had few options to really do anything; most just tried to grind for isk which led many to lowsec, wormholes and null where well… if youve ever lived in that area you know what happens to folks…

Many didnt last long and we were perma decked at one point for somewhere near six months by a highsec greifer corp…

you could have them start in empire navy or pirate npc corps i guess? something ran more by ccp than the actual players?

Or you could, you know, teach them how to play?

Teach them to not put all their ISK into a single ship, teach them how to avoid wartargets, teach them how to fly in dangerous spaces, teach them how to fit their ships, how to fleet up with others, how to work together.

I have the opposite experience,

Got alphas, gave them a good overview, gave them free ships, gave them fitting advice, never got decced, took them on roams, got them pvp kills, helped them grind standing, took them on missions, told them when I’d be online for group shenanigans etc.

Vast majority of the time, well all the time, they aren’t interested in eve. Most came looking for just another mmo. That’s all.

That and my time zone sucks i suppose.

Regarding the op, I don’t think casual-instant pvp is going to save eve. What made eve pvp so damn addictive was the risk of losing something important and that importance driving the adrenaline and emotion during a fight. Inflicting a significant loss on another player is a satisfying thing. Either an important objective or an expensive kill. Eve is rather dull when its not serious business.

Human farm, interesting idea.

Could work in China.

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