EvE needs alphas and alphas need level 4 missions

The more i see that has changed in the year i was away, the more i feel this game is getting worse. like all the other f2p games on facebook and mobile it is going to suffer from lack of total players if every free player is pushed away. the game didn’t work as a subscription only, and it will not work without a large amount of free players paying what little they do and being themselves content for other omega players. at times i have had 5 omega accounts for months and other times i just have my one alpha. not everyone can or will pay for omega every month of every year, and if it becomes a choice between have omega all the time or just not play, many will leave and are not likely to return. there should always be a reason to upgrade to omega and there always has been its totally pay to win with the tech a alpha cant use not counting the isk you can just out right buy with plex and i don’t see any issue with that. alpha at a minimum should at least be enjoyable enough not to just quit tho.

Need is a strong word and alphas don’t need it. :slight_smile:


what would a unskilled alpha player do then to pay the replacement cost of his or her ships?

■■■■ off.

Sorry Nicolai. :blush:

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Eve need money and Alpha dont hice It.

that’s not true and you know it, some money comes from alphas and some omega players become alphas for short times when times get hard. if that wasn’t the case ccp never would have stopped doing the subscription only thing.

What could have CCP thunked about it, it doesnt matter, there are better ways to have fun.

Like logging off and playing Rocket League.
Missions are boooooriiiing.

Make wrecks probable and we have a deal.


yes they are boring, i only do them when i dont have omega and only to make enough isk to replace my pvp ships. i can and have made way more doing abysal deadspace but once i lost the ship i could do that in i was left with very few options i can do with low end alpha cruisers. with the grind that is needed to get 300+ million to replace a ship i find myself playing anything else

The game worked just fine when alphas didn’t exist at all and once you finished your 30 day trial you either paid your $15/month or started a new account from zero. In fact, EVE’s era of declining subscription numbers lines up rather well with CCP’s shift in business model towards F2P + cash shop.

Also, mission farming is not content for other players. But perhaps we could come to a compromise: an alpha account can accept a level 4 mission but at the cost of a 24 hour suspect flag. Now that would be content!


the content is the pvp ship i would be flying if i HAD it, the missions are not fun but the best way to get enough isk to get back into pvp.

I feel you, but maybe try exploration. Even in High sec it looks a bit more profitable than mining or missions. As for fun, its certainly something more random and you will tremble thinking about that dank loot.

ill look into it, i pasted the alpha skill cap long ago when in omega so if i dont have the skills needed i have no way to learn them. i would have to make a new account for those skills most likely

I feel for you too, try dumpster diving for beer cans, mow a couple lawns or what not? You have options to make it happen.

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I don’t particularly care whether Alphas get access to level 4 missions or not, but they certainly don’t need them.

Being able to add one more level of the same boring, repetitive missions to an Alpha’s list of things to do isn’t going to change anything. It’s certainly not going to encourage more Alphas to sub or Plex - likely the opposite.

EVE needs what it’s always needed - interesting and engaging content (both PvE and PvP) that is considerably more accessible than the hoops we have to jump through now in order to get anything entertaining happening.


Only if CCP gets paid by subscription which is the reason alpha’s need to be restricted from the first class coach of game play.

Thats funny. :smile:

nobody needs to be playing video games


More entitled gamers…

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The game needs alphas to create content and they aren’t doing that in level 4 missions.