Denying lvl 4 (& lvl 5) missions to alpha's (March patch notes) is a very bad idea

Lvl 4 missioning is one of the backbones of PVE in this game and should be considered core content. The whole idea of alphas is giving them a good range of what Eve has to offer and lvl 4 missioning should definitely be part of that. Especially since alphas have been given access to battleships.
Lvl 3 missions simply aren’t challenging and rewarding enough. Denying them Lvl 4 missions will only annoy the heck out of alphas, it will do nothing to bring them to Omega.

Despite CCP advertising this game as F2P Eve has already one of the worst F2P models on the market, with way too much end content locked behind subscription walls for a “free-to-play game”. If anything, in a game that relays so heavily on player numbers to generate content, alpha players should be given fewer restrictions, not more.

Please, don’t tell me this horrible, greedy, short-sighted idea has been pushed by CCP’s new Korean Overlords.

Edit: If you think this change will really help against botters I suggest you think again. If anything, it will lead to even more lvl 3 bots as hackers will only deploy more of them to keep up their ISK/hr.


It still is free to play in the aspect that you can play as an Alpha, and I would think that if someone isn’t going to subscribe to Omega because they can’t do certain lvl missions then they probably wouldn’t go Omega anyways.


There is more to alphas than just making them paid subscribers. As I said, alphas are content, which is equally important for the future of this game. Denying them key PVE content will do nothing but make them quit, which is simply bad for this game, no matter how you look at it.


Botters cry in 3,2,1…


Why is it key content. You’ve shown nothing to demonstrate this


Players are key content for multiple reasons.
More players means more players that can be ganked, a more thriving Eve economy, bigger fleets, more wars over resources, more active player corps and alliances, etc.
And in this particular case, many alphas enjoy level 4 missioning to finance their other (PVP) activities in Eve. I’m one of them btw.


If somebody spent enough time running missions to get to level 4s, the liklihood that they’re suddenly going to quit playing entirely because level 4 missions are behind the paywall is next to zero.

They’re going to sub at that point. By that point they’re already hooked on the game.

This is a common sense thing designed to make botting slightly harder.


Don’t be naive. If anything, this change will result in even more lvl 3 mission bots.

  1. missions aren’t challenging in general, especially when everyone is being told to use a battleship, is being told how to fit it and can look up how the missions work on the internet, which is also being told by people. Missions are minmaxxed to death, therefore it’s not an argument you can use.

  2. reward is not top priority for someone trying out the game. if reward was important, he’d be doing lvl4s for the income and not for trying the game, so - again - you don’t really have an argument there. worse, if lvl4s are all he cares about, ignoring the rest of the game (you know, the other 99.999999%), then there’s something wrong

  3. people who run lvl4s all day are less likely to go omega simply because they don’t have to.

You have nothing.



That basically goes for any PVE activity. In the end their’s always some min-max formula. That doesn’t mean players can’t enjoy them though.

You’re missing the whole point of alpha accounts, they’re not designed to be merely trial/demo accounts for subscription purpose only. Otherwise, CCP would have sticked to the trial system.
Alpha accounts are key for a healthy future of Eve, as subscription-only models are simply not cutting it anymore in the gaming industry. Alpha accounts are not merely there to sell Omega subscriptions to, they provide key player numbers and content to keep this game alive. Also, CCP can sell other stuff to them besides subscriptions, as many players don’t want to commit to subscriptions but are very willing to support the game with cosmetics and various services.


What you think is real and matters, and what those who actually matter think is real and matters … are absolutely not the same. Can you stop whining, please? It’s not going to change, especially when those who whine about it have absolutely nothing.

Just like you. Just look at your post. It’s embarrassing. You’re telling me what Alphas are there for as if anything you said matters. It doesn’t. No one cares about what you think what they are meant for. It is extremely likely that you are just writing this, because it’s the only argument you can come up with … and even at that you fail.

I also seriously doubt you care about new players more than about yourself. You could as well be an RMTer who has an alpha army running lvl4s, selling the made ISK for profits, whining about how CCP cuts his income stream.



That’s nice. your reply still says nothing about why lvl 4s are key content.
Of course players are key, but players are not lvl 4 missions.


the team were considering placing level 4 and 5 courier missions behind the requirement to have Omega clone status.

I read it as its just Courier missions or am I reading that wrong?

You are reading correctly, though they changed it from courier to all lvl4s.

No thats what it says, but for reasons not stated (I suspect it was because allowing access to these agents but not those agents was technically difficult) the actual implementation is all agents (lvl4 and lvl5).

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I didn’t see the part about it being all lvl 4 missions thank you for the info ill have to look for the info on that

“After investigating further, the decision has been made to place all level 4 and 5 missions behind the requirement to have Omega status, to assist the fight against RMT and botting.” in the Security Update - Q1 2019 | EVE Online

Thank you for that

reading through all the comments now

It’s the complete right thing to do…

It’s anti botting and taking away those ridiciouless alpha benefits they have…already way too much for non payers…

All alphas can thank the botting players for this.

So stop complaining and face the truth.


I suggest you either come with arguments or stop commenting at all. Raging like a kid is not helping the discussion.