LVL 4's and alphas

I noticed in the recent change that CCP changed lvl 4/5’s to omega clone restricted.

I don’t really understand this choice, as you give players the ability to run atleast level 4’s, i can understand restricting lvl 5’s, but changing lvl 4’s to omega clone doesn’t really make that much sense. We already had the ability to run them, and some of us spent time grinding sec standings with agents to be able to run lvl 4’s back when we could as an alpha. Alphas deserve a reasonable way of being able to make a good amount of isk to be able to activate their account with isk, and with this change you’re taking that ability away from them, lvl 3’s don’t pay out half as much as lvl 4’s and they’re not great for loot either tbh, besides missions where u get tags, but most of them are frigates so not alot of isk in those sorts of tags. I’m just proposing that u allow alphas at least run lvl 4’s for reasonable income, allowing them the chance to be able to activate their accounts and experience omega status, train some skills etc… Just an ask, doubt this’ll be seen by anyone of importance, and even if it were i doubt they’d make the change to revert that back. By all means keep lvl 5’s restricted, but lvl 4’s definitely are a good way for a alpha player to make decent income and eventually plex. :slight_smile:

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If you want to PLEX you only need 500, then you are Omega and can run lvl4s as you please. I don’t see an issue, it may take a bit longer to get to that point, but it’s a one time thing.

High-sec anomalies
Exploration (data\relic scan in WH for start)
Abyss lvl 1-2 (realistically for Alpha)
Null-sec corp activity in complete safety (anomalies\mining)
Lvl 3 blitzing (~30-50m per hour)

Enough stable ways for new Alpha player to grind to Omega subscription as you can see.
So what is your problem exactly?

I do a bit of exploration as an alpha, and make just shy of 500m every week. which is guess is okay, but its not the best. The problem with this is that there are so many people doing the same thing because its now the only way to make isk but there’s also omegas with more sp and better dps coming and stealing the last hit on the structures. or just generally stealing loot to provoke a fight.

Abyss is ■■■■ at lvls 1-2. the loot may aswell be nonexistent as far as worth goes.

Null sec corp activity is useless, not many null sec corps would take on alphas, and even if they did, an alpha wouldn’t have the skills necessary to run the null sec anoms, and even if u did (by injecting or whatever u do to boost urself beyond 5.5m sp) you’re never actually in “complete safety”, null sec is literally the worst place for an alpha just getting into the game to be. actually think about it.

Lvl 3 “blitzing” is not possible with like 5.5m sp, and you most certainly do not make 30-50m p/ hr… Idk when u last actually ran a lvl 3 with only 27,315 sp in social accessible. the rewards are terrible isk wise, and as i said before the loot is nonexistent, unless u get a mission that drops tags, but even still they’re mostly frigs that drop tags worth 30k at most…


500 plex in jita is like 1.6/1.7b typically. idk what it is as of right now. but without a reasonable way to make isk theres no possible way to get there.

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How to have ISK instead of whining about it:


How to be arrogant, and obnoxious all at the same time.
Some people don’t have the money to pay for this game.

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i’m assuming you are a teenager? or jobless. summertime is coming up… cut grass. make a free bank account if you don’t have one, and pay 15 a month. it is honestly a lot easier to pay for the sub than grind for isk… if you spend your time grinding for isk, you really will not have fun in this game.
There are some nullsec corps that will take alphas. you just have to find the right ones that will. i think pandemic is an alpha horde.


Alpha with 5.5m sp who can, as you say “make a good amount of isk in a reasonable way” on lvl 4 but can’t blitz lvl 3? Cool story :+1:
Also for your information, Alpha players not limited with only 5.5m skill points and can push up to 20m and battleship skills with injectors. Lvl 3 blitz Machariel exist for years and proven, other ships can handle this task as well. Don’t like this option? You are free to use other methods.

Alpha lvl 4 is gone. “Adapt or die” in all its beauty.

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Ok, then they don’t get to play. Bye. CCP is not a charity and obligated to provide you with anything you want for free.


This doesn’t make sense. You just need to accumulate your 2B ISK once and you aren’t an Alpha anymore. Then you have the full income potential of an Omega and the alpha restrictions don’t apply anymore.

If you a grinding for your sub, the L4 restriction won’t apply as you are plexing your account. And if you are just messing around casually, you don’t need that income for anything. This was done to hurt botters who were wrecking the game for everyone, including alphas trying to earn a PLEX, by pushing up prices.

Just get yourself Omega somehow and stop worrying about trying to play as an Alpha longterm.

I feel that moving lvl 4/5 missions behind Omega status was a good thing for CCP to do. Level 4 missions take a while to get to and require a fair amount of skills and ship to complete. They are quite a high part of the game, and the idea that botters can just set up a few accounts and then grind lvl 4 missions free of charge to make real money while others use lvl 4 missioning as a source of income for our eve activities is… just plain wrong. There is also a negative price impact on the market from all the goods the botters are selling.


Several hordes of bots were abusing distribution missions for ISK and LP and CCP decided to cut that off. As they couldn’t just cut distribution missions only without making a mess of whole system - they decided to restrict all lvl4+ missions instead.

Realistically an alpha (not a newbro) can do lvl 4 Abyss (for about 80mil/hour, not counting pricey drops) because Gila is too damn op. And there are plenty vessels that can run L3s too.

If you have Machariel or Nightmare and some blingy fit - you could potentially participate in Incursion fleets (100mil/hour-ish isk in vanguards before LP, more in HQs).

Or you can get creative and form “anti pirate F.O.B. in HS” fleet with a couple of friends and do just that - hunt FOBs (i have heard rattlesnakes are good at doing this).

Faction warfare is also a really easy way for an alpha to make loads of isk.

But plexing your account will quickly cause burn out. Think about what you really want to do with eve. If all you’re doing is grinding for the next month, what’s the point?

It’s usually better/easier for all involved if you pay for a sub.


This is actually fair enough, i wasn’t aware that that’s why they made this change.
But my point still kinda stands, that there is no actual sure fire way to a decent amount of isk on alphas now.
And as for abyss, i’m actually kinda of really against running abyss sites, for many reasons, one being i dont really know what am doing in most of them i just shoot the rats kill the caches and leave lol, but as an alpha having a ship thats gna tank one of those sites, and output enough dps is kinda hard. Bare in mind ccp restrict u to 5.5m sp once u pass that u cannot train anything and have to inject, and i aint rich irl so…

2 things.

1: Faction warfare has been kinda eh since they introduced it, mainly because perma wardecs and ppl are griefers that’ll just kill u over and over again for the giggles of it.

2: I don’t disagree, I used to do this all the time running havens on my main and would just get tired of playing for gametime, and that only. To the point where yea, I started paying monthly for it, which imo isn’t that much when u just pay for Game time. But, when u already pay for 1 account i’m kinda less enthused to pay the same price for a second character, or third character if my indy toon is active also.

I’m just tryna see this as an alpha, and try to understand why ccp made this change to begin with. I wasn’t aware they took the ability to run lvl 4’s away to stop botters abusing it. That’s fair enough. But there has to be some compromise somewhere, so alphas still have a means of making a decent amount of isk, and a genuine newbro probably isnt gna sit there running abyss as the second they die once its not worth it. (ik u never suggested that but i’m seeing a lot of suggestions for it so i’m just throwing it in there.)

You are mixing alphas and newbros again.

Newbros have to learn the game 1st before they can decide what they want to do, alphas can use their game knowledge to maximize their gains in a skill-restricted character.


I wouldn’t join horde if u paid me.
And no, i’m not a teenager, thats the same as me assuming you are narrowminded. I just refuse to pay for something that literally used to be free. I already pay for 2 subs, 3 if i need my other pvp/pve toon for incursions when i’m bored of nullsec. which is rare.

Fair point. But as i said i’m just trying to see it from an actual newbros eyes, and as i said they’re not gna go through something just to probably die because lets be honest they probably wont have a clue what they’re doing.

The compromise needs to be from the alpha player. You are playing for FREE. And despite that you still have many ways of making good isk. It’s simply a case of not being a spoilt brat (i.e. don’t expect big rewards if you’re not risking anything or otherwise paying for it). And once you’ve saved up enough for a plex, thats it you’re omega!

An alpha that just runs missions and nothing else isn’t contributing anything to the game and doesn’t need consideration. Alphas don’t need an income as much as they need to get out there and shoot stuff.