When were Alpha / Omega Clones introduced?

And have they been like they are now from the start or have there been changes in Alpha Clone restrictions since introduction?

Thanks for all replies.

Here, I have a link for you …
… which covers pretty much everything you want to know.

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First alphas could fly up to cruisers and could only get 5M SP points, fairly limited skillset. Slower rate of SP gain than omegas. After some time CCP changed it so Alphas could use up to Battleships and even have 20M usable SP with use of daily SP injector bought for PLEX. Then after some time they removed access to lvl 4 missions for Alphas.

Main restrictions are with lvl of mission, and skills, Alphas cant use cloaks and mining barges and I see people sometimes asking for that. It would really make life easier for them, but CCP leaves that as incentive to spend cash on Omega, to hook people with some sunk cost.

This update to the Alpha Clone state in 2018 (I think it was, maybe late 2017) was massive, and the complaining about what else they could still not do (cloaks, mining barges etc) started the same day.

How unfair the game is, how cruel CCP are, how Pay To Win EVE is …

Such comments come up daily in Rookie Help.





The ‘I want’ mentality from a group that already has 10x more than the original Alpha’s had access to is disgraceful.


I agree. Sometimes the general eve community forgets this is a business game above all else. Some people really want all the info spoon fed to them. I feel like that’s a different topic.

Kinda like the entitled bittervets who hoard trillions and cry whenever alphas get even a tiny boost, then cheer the idea of alphas quitting / being removed from the game.

Thank you. I basically just need the Info for my Fan Fiction :smiley:

Get over it, nobody cares about alpha parasites except as cattle to slaughter. If you want to matter pay your $15/month like a normal person.


Speaking as an Alpha, thats BS and Alphas should be removed.


Uh, so uninstall? You say you’re an alpha, and that alphas need to go, so why stay?

Except the owners of the game. Else there would be no Alphas at all.

So stop with the whining or buy the company.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Because I can?

Why wouldnt I while its free?

You know how addictions work, right?


He has the same addiction. He knows.

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Nah Ramona isn’t addicted to being a dick, unlike the other guy.


…the difference half a second takes paying attention to reading stuff… quick glance dropped a couple of words…


I do think it is in the interest of Omega players for Alpha state to be available in some form. Gives them more players to interact with, makes economy healthier, provides a gateway for players to sub to Omega to a greater extent than if alpha didn’t exist, gives them a fallback gameplay if for some reason they unsub, etc. It’s important to calibrate what Alpha does and does not offer; calibration should not outright rule out enhancing the Alpha experience as it could in fact benefit Omegas more than it diminishes the relative value, though I agree they probably should not get more than they already have. Off the top of my head I cannot think of anything Alphas should have enhanced, but I can’t think of anything they should have taken away either.



If there would be no Alphas, there would be no Omegas. Now everyone basically starts as Alpha. Who pays money up front for something thats sompletely unknown? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My understanding is people first try for some time. I did that years back and it seems logic thing now.

Some peeps may want to stay Alphas without paying sub, and still enjoy certain activities, they feel like doing. Like playing on hard difficulty in games, why not?

There are problems caused by alpha bots maybe, but CCP still dont think these problems are so big that they would want to get back to 14 day Trial.

I have never been an Alpha.

Everyone who’s ever paid a sub for a subscription based game? Okay some of them have a months free trial included in the game purchase (paying money up front for the unknown by the way) but then it’s sub all the way.

Where do you get the odd idea there’s no such thing as a game where the only option is to pay a sub? Most MMOs have been sub only since the 1990’s.

A sub is not for life either. You can sub for a month to see if you like a game and then cancel your subscription.

There is absolutely no need for something like the Alpha state in EVE.

Also, anyone who has ever bought a game ever.

Have you only ever played EVE?

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No I played other games also, but firs did my research. Reading about it in game magazines where I couldnt try them out, then watching you tube when magazines started taking money for better revievs. But the best was for me to experience them personally in trial accounts. I never pay from up front for something i am not convinced is worth it.

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Meh when rookies first started in eve they got trillions of free assets. I think we should at least give new players 10x random T2BPO’s to give them a chance.