Alpha Clone Discrimination

As an Alpha player, I just have to say I am very disappointed in CCP. The game is just so stacked against me. From 1/2 training speed to a 5 mil SP cap to the skill wall behind T2 ships, I can hardly do anything fun here. I wanna fly HACs and Mauraders, but I can’t, simply because I don’t pay money to the company that runs the game? It’s so disheartening to think that just because I don’t fork over 15 dollars a month, I don’t get access to what an Omega player gets because they fork over the money. And it’s not like I can make any ISK because I can’t run multiple accounts at once so I can multibox mining fleets. And even then, I couldn’t use the barges required for effective mining anyways! And lastly, because of the SP cap, and the ISK-making barrier, I cannot have fun in Eve. As an Alpha player, the game is stacked against me, and I won’t stand for it.

My first point was that so much of the stuff I want to do is locked behind a skill wall. Like mining barges, T2 ships, freighters, and capitals. It is so unfair. And to add on to that, we aren’t allowed to have more than 5 million SP, at least without paying billions on injectors. But 5 mil SP is no easy feat for an Alpha, with 1/2 training speed, it takes months to get to that point, basically, DOUBLE the time it would take for an Omega player. Who is CCP to say that because I don’t pay them money, I don’t deserve to fly the fun ships? Who is CCP to say, the because I do not pay them money, I am not allowed to have more than 5 mil SP? Who is CCP to say that simply because I am an Alpha player, I should have my training time cut in half? The answer is they are not the ones who should decide these things.

My second point was that as an Alpha player, my ISK-making capabilities are essentially crap. I cannot fly a mining barge. I cannot cloak when I explo. I cannot rat effectively because I don’t have access to the Carriers, Dreadnaughts, or Super-Carriers required to effectively rat. Why is it fair that simply because I do not pay CCP I should not be allowed to make ISK on the same scale that people whom do pay CCP can? Well when I first saw this, I thought to myself, that even though I cannot make ISK as much as an Omega player can if I can just scale the ISK that I do make, I can make a crap ton. I thought, well I can make 30 mil an hour in a Vexor ratting, but if I run 4 accounts and do that then I can make 100 mil an hour +. But no, I can’t even run 2 alpha accounts at once, again, here is CCP discriminating against Alpha players. Of course, they give you the option to upgrade to Omega when you try and launch the second account. Just to add insult to injury. So, to recap this point, CCP greatly kills an Alpha player’s ability to make ISK compared to an Omega player simply because they do not pay CCP.

My last point is that as an Alpha player, I cannot have fun in Eve. Encompassing my last two points, if I can’t fly the fun ships, and I cannot make enough ISK to sustain what little fun I can have as an alpha player, I cannot have fun in Eve. All of this, simply because I do not pay CCP. However, people who do pay CCP to get to have more experiences and more fun. How is that fair? It is not, it is discrimination, plain and simple. How dare you, how dare me, how dare CCP blatantly stand by while literal discrimination is happening in our game. It’s a shame, and I cannot make ISK, I cannot train ships effectively, and thus I cannot have fun.

So, I close my case. If you are ok with what CCP is doing, I believe that you deserve a game like Eve. All players should be given the same opportunities, to fly the ships they want to fly, to make ISK as much as their heart desires, to have fun. It’s a game after all. However, CCP is putting fun behind a paywall. Players should all be the same, regardless of subscriptions or other micro-transactions. CCP should make everyone Omega, or all Omega players should have the same stats as Alphas. It’s unfair. CCP I don’t want to pay to play your game. As an Alpha player, the game is unfairly stacked against me, and I won’t stand for it. This is complete and utter discrimination. And I don’t see how any reasonable person could disagree.

Just FYI: when you write stuff like this, you make it very obvious. Try again in a month, and change the language a bit.



There’s a way to fix that.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Seems like your only option is contract all your stuff to me and leave the game.

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OF COURSE I’m OK with what CCP is doing in this regard!
So let me get this straight: you want to play EVE for free, have fun, fly all the ships you want, make big isk-money and not pay any money for it?? What planet do you come from?? Here on Earth, very few things are free. Maybe oxygen and water are free but the rest you have to pay for. If you don’t like what we Earthlings are doing, you can return to whatever planet you come from!

The game is based on subscription! The only reason Alpha Clone exists is for you to try the game.
If you like the game pay for it.


No one owes you a free game. Want to play for free? Either deal with the restrictions, or get to grinding.

Now, I normally don’t recommend that newbros try to plex their accounts, as they will likely just burn themselves out. However, there are youtube tutorial videos out there that provide various ways that newbros can earn enough income to do it.

And no matter what you do, I suggest you drop the defeatist attitude. This game will throw a fair amount of challenge and adversity at you, and you will not be able to overcome it if you spend more time complaining than you do problem solving.


So much is given away for free already.

An Alpha pilot can even fleet up.

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Oh, I’m sure there are companies out there trying to figure out how they can monetize the air we breathe.

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Uh, excuse me, I’d like to speak to the manager.

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And that’s why some of us have said CCP, get rid of Alpha clones!!
It puts the idea out there that EVE is a free game while it is NOT.

Yes. In Tokyo, they have those oxygen devices for when the air quality tanks due to pollution. You put in a few coins and breathe clean air through an oxygen mask for a few minutes.

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If you find a quality corp many of them can teach you how to play as omega for free, but I very much doubt you are willing to put in the effort.

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Well, I doubt that most alpha clones think as OP does. True, we do occasionally get threads like these, but most alpha clones seem to appreciate the option. Of course, that’s based off of the guys who stick around. The dudes who leave might have a very different opinion.

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Obvious troll is obvious…


Yah, it’s time to pay or get good.

This is the most obvious troll post I’ve seen in a while. yawn


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Don’t take this thread seriously.

Since other forms of trolling and griefing have been recently made horrifically obvious, this form was picked up again.

Ignore it. The OP is not serious and knows full well the stupidity he just typed. He’s bored.

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Like it is not hard to upgrade out of Alpha.