The limitations of Alpha player

I haven’t reach full potential of Alpha account yet but i already feel the limitations of Alpha account, for example having hard time to grinding skill because of 5 million limit for Alpha, i know 5 million is a lot but considering some alpha skill need 1-2 million just to maxed out i wonder if in future in that limit will increase, even by just a million or two it’ll be helpful.

i have more example but the 5 million limit skill is the most in my opinion.

Then buy Omega, if you like the game?

Alpha is an unlimited trial version, nothing less or more.

In fact the limit is 20M and not 5M btw, you can buy Alpha injectors to get higher, but this is a bad deal compared to Omega.


CCP will not budge on this and has not changed this since I have been in this game for 5 years now. 99.9% sure they will not do anything regarding changes to alpha state.

Won’t get your hopes up OP. Alpha is a trial and Omega is the full game. In EVE online there are numerous ways to stay omega WITHOUT $$$. All it takes is knowledge, a small investment, and the infrastructure that allows you to produce roughly 2.5billion ISK a month to buy 500 plex in game.

High Sec, Low Sec, Wormhole, and Null Sec space all have the means to be omega while just your investing time and energy.

If you choose to dive more into EVE I wish you the best of luck. Hard getting the right ships/routines established but once the hard work is done it’s as simple as picking what activity you want to do.

Damn I member when it only cost about 5-600 mil isk to plex an account, mind you that was back when it was one plex. Good thing I still had a bunch when I took my three year hiatus.

Also while I am generally of the opinion that if you like the game you should pay for it like the rest of us there is an argument that ppl in certain countries can’t afford to sub normally since their money is weak against the dollar. I remember a Romanian guy complaining about this years ago. CCP might want to look into offering subs at rates relative to purchasing power parity for such countries if they can work out a way for it not to be abused by people using VPN’s to abuse it.

Edit: like I said I saw a guy complain about it once years ago, no idea if they do this or not now. It is fairly common for multinational corporations to offer products at PPP rates when revenues will exceed overhead for doing so.


10 daily injectors is cheaper than 1 LSI, plus you get the full 500k with 10 DAI and only 400k with one LSI

It’s a paid game. If anything Alpha is too generous in that it allows you to potentially harass paying players.
If you want to experience the rest of the game, buy omega.


Skilling spree is helpful for increasing skill points beyond 5 million.

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