Add Alpha Restriction

Alpha can not request & accept level 3 or higher mission
Alpha can not join factional warfare
Alpha can not receive pirate stronghold & incursion reward
Alpha can not enter abyssal dead space.
Alpha can not use multiple skill queue certificate
Alpha can not use skill extractor and skill injector (expect daily alpha injector)
Update1: Alpha can not progress the agency event.


Why? Is there ANY reason to add MORE restrictions to the already excessively restricted Alpha pilots? Not a single one of those “restrictions” are constructive in any way. If you want to restrict anything that is “fun” may as well make EVE a subscription service only.

Show us on the doll where the alpha hit you.

More seriously. Why?
Alphas are as stated by CCP meant to be able to engage in the game just with a limited ship choice.

…Alpha can not warp to other solar systems
Alpha can not exceed speed above 50 m/s
Alpha can not receive bounties
Alpha can not join player corporation
Alpha can not mine more than 1000 m3 of any resource
Yeah and also restrict them from playing the game? Yeah that would be awesome!!

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This is the entire point. Alphas should be a trial account equivalent, if you want to succeed you pay your $15/month. Maybe then we can ditch the microtransactions and start working on some real content instead of more SKINs.

The alpha hit us all with free botting right in the nutsack.

Botting has been going on far longer than alpha’s, yes it became a bit more visible with alpha’s, but it’s been a serious problem far before them, and the alpha bots are nowhere near as impactful as the omega bots, like oh, nearly a dozen super bots funding a single person for an example of omega bots.
Therefore it is not a good reason to restrict alpha’s in any of these ways, unless you also believe omegas should be more heavily restricted since the botting problem is worse with omegas.

I agree restrict the leeches

yeah no microtrans was a thing before alpha and the EA F2P expert ccp hired was ever a thing

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