Lets satisfy everyone at the same time (Alphas + alphabots)

Alpha character changes:

  • Profile image has an Alpha symbol,
  • No Concord support
  • Auto accept duel unless declined in 30 seconds
  • 90% slower align / warp time
  • No multiboxing (one login per IP)
  • -50% to cargo space
  • Limited to 1 hour game time per day
  • 100% tax on all market items
  • Can’t join fleets / corps / alliances
  • -50% to all weapons, drones, shields and armor
  • No local chat / list in systems below 0.5
  • Only allow level 1 missions
  • 15 minute Captcha alerts
  • No contract access
  • ISK wallet limited to 10 million ISK
  • No trade window option
  • No access to any POS with shields up
  • Mining yield panalty 50%
  • No affects from fleet boosts (can’t join fleet)
  • Docking delay to any station or dockable structure 120 seconds

Bleh… nothing good came out of alphas. Shut it down I tell ya!

Nice troll

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Why tho?They can’t do as much or even do it right they have big limitation to 5 mil sp of you’re brand new also.The fact they are used as bots is CCP’s fault for not being ruthless at policing their game.
Look at the new rule against boting get caught once 3 day ban.It encourages boting from older more established players knowing if they get caught it’s a slap on the wrist if they don’t get caught they can farm stuff and get ingame rich.

Alphas aren’t bad for the game CCP is bad for the game with their lazy accepting attitude toward cheating.

Also their methods suck big time ban in waves once every few months ban only off detection made by their system not actively checking ‘‘on site’’ situation .

Given they can teleport to any system with a command and even not show up in local a single dev could ban atleast 100 bots in a day especialy if they follow reports

For the same reason some like to pick the wings off flies.

I think removing alphas would have positive effect on CCP finances.

CCP has no legitimate or illegitimate reason to be complicit in alpha botting behavior. Sometimes I think one of the advantages of being a bot is that they are so far beneath human that a botter isn’t even responsible for their own behavior.

Lest we forget, CCP personnel are humans with human needs, including breaks, recreation, family, and all those things that keep folks physically and mentally healthy. I don’t know why we would want to make a villain out of people who would rightly be our allies, or try to treat them as if they were robots like the ones we hate.

Certainly there’s room for improvement, and the whole alpha clone thing looks to be debatable. I’m not saying we should just roll over and accept whatever we get, but I do say we should treat with the developers as friends and compatriots in a fight we share in instead of grouping them with our enemies.

I’m not sure any of these ideas are really worth making a thread.




An observation i recently made, before alphas very few corps denied new players. And even those that didn’t designate themselves as new player friendly would take on new players if they showed the ‘right stuff’ during interview (this info from a very simple interview i conducted back during awox changes).

Now however, i find corps rejecting my alphas because they never seem to stick around and/or alpha pilots cannot fly core doctrines.

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