How did removing access of Alpha Clones to Level 4 missions affect botting?

4 years ago in the Q1 Security Update of 2019 ( and New Year Security Update! | EVE Online) CCP removed Alpha Clones’ access to Level 4 Missions. This made me (and quite a few other players who couldn’t afford Omega) quit the game at the time, but I always thought that to be a fair compromise if CCP doesn’t have the manpower to handle botting and RMT manually & there weren’t accurate automated systems in place.

They also said before that they were working on implementing these automated features to detect and ban botting, so I’m wondering: Did removing access to L4 Missions prevent botting and RMT, and by how much? I’m certain someone at CCP already did the statistics on that, as they love doing those.

Also were the automated systems ever put into use? If so, can we get L4 missions + Epic Arcs back? It was something that you could fall back on when you no longer had Omega status but you needed to get your Eve fix. It would be awesome if we got those back.


I don´t know how giving Alpha clones access to lv4´s will stimulate botting. But i was wondering why Alpha Clones weren´t allowed to run lv 4´s. One reason i can think of is when this would be allowed, i will run missions with 4 Alpha´s with me share the rewards to give them corp and faction standings until they will be able to run lv 4´s themselves. After that you can just cruise around space and cherry pick the best missions because you have multiple characters that accept missions and you will only do the most rewarding.
People might point out that you can already deny missions to get better ones, but you can´t endlessly deny missions to get the missions you are looking for without getting massive penalties with the agent and you will have to do some missions, even some crap ones to repair the standing.

The distribution missions could be set up and were set up for botting.

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Yeah but for some reason they decided to remove access to Security missions as well, which is what I care about. Allowing alphas to do level 4s is good for everyone. Alphas enjoy the missions and make some isk, they then bling their ships because they can’t use much of T2 modules, this stimulates the economy, and the gankers time to time find and kill these 1B+ targets and have a happy day, and carebears brag about losing yet another blinged mission runner, rinse+repeat. Just allow it, everyone likes it.

They couldnt cherry pick. Had to remove all L4.

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