Any chance lvl 5 missions ever coming to high sec?

Would rather not start a fight here, but was just wondering if there is any momentum for this?

I wouldn’t mind a discussion on why you agree or disagree just as long as we can keep it civil.


I’ve love to see it - but I just don’t think it’s in the cards, unfortunately. The reason for wanting them is the additional challenge and variety that it would add (particularly to team play) to high-sec.

But I know it’s only a matter of minutes before low-sec players weigh-in with how no one loves them, they desperately need the L5 content to remain exclusive to low-sec and that L4 missions should actually be removed from high-sec.


They used to be available in high sec in the beginning and in time got farmed so hard that CCP saw themselves forced to remove them from high sec (and NPC null sec for that matter). They won’t come back. If you want level 5 mission like action, run incursions, FOBs, high class Resource War sites or even Abyssal sites.


Just because they were farmed once upon a time does not necessarily mean that they would be abused to the same extent today. We have other high-sec content like Burners, Incursions, Abyssal space, FOBs…

If we retained the same logic behind this rationalle we’d still have a 24-hour skill queue.


From what I’ve heard on the forums in years past, there used to be a few level 5 mission agents in highsec. They were deliberately moved out of highsec, though. So don’t expect them to ever return.

Every time someone has brought it up, the vast majority of people on the forums were vehemently against it. I don’t expect that to ever change. Personally I would like to see them return. I’ll explain my reasoning, but first a preface: I haven’t run them myself, I only know what people have told me about them. So that being said, they seem like a nice middle ground where the difficulty is good enough for a small fleet (ergo, a decent-sized corp growing and coordinating could make good use of this as a daily activity for members), but not so intense and exclusive like incursions are.

I think highsec lacks things which corps must undertake as a group effort, rather than it being a nicety. The moon mining thing is a great example of something corps must really do together for it to be effective. Level 5 missions could also be in that same vein.


Why not have a level 4.5 :] slightly harder and more challenging but not as rewarding as lvl 5 :]. Maybe make the rewards a much larger amount of lp but same isk payout as 4’s this way it wont devalue isk badly in the long run but still provide more wealth overall to the runners.

Or something more fun call it an escort mission, some hauler’s leave from a station you need to jump gate’s with them and protect them from invading npc’s until they reach their desto, and you can’t web them to speed up their warp speed. Having rep drone’s or e-war will help with reducing damage to the convoy meaning more strategy would be needed compared to level 4’s (tank and spank) could be interesting.

As reference I’m a nullsecor so it won’t effect me at all and I don’t see the harm.


I ahve never ran a lv 5 mission… I know really, nthing about them. otehr than I think carriers were used for them a lot and they are in low sec…

How much do they pay btw? lv 5 missions? what type of isk per hour can be achieved with them?

If I remember correctly It’s close to 100k lp per mission, not sure how much isk that is. And people run them in bling rattle’s.


doubt it, they were meant as a lowsec thing from launch. In the early days they could spawn anywhere in constellation so a lot of people would pull the lv5s in lowsec and run the ones that spawned in highsec, but that got patched at some point and now they should spawn in lowsec only.

The only way I see them showing up in highsec again is with some massive nerf to LP payouts in highsec. It might even make sense to only allow empire kill lv5s to spawn in highsec. They could still be lucrative for tag farming so there might be some point to doing it. Most lowsec runners are carrier blitzing a select few missions for the LP. So doing lowsec for LP or HS for faction tags would fulfill different niches.

I’ve mostly heard 500m-1b per hour but that is with carrier blitzing and cherry picking using multiple puller alts. I’ve also heard there’s a few that are good to blitz in rattlesnakes. I’ve run a few on the test server but not enough to get an accurate baseline, and of course doing it on TQ would involve more risk as players like to hunt those cap kills. If you watch local and dscan you can mitigate a lot of the risk, but there’s always some risk.


Here is a discussion that recently took place about level 5s: Level 5 missions isk an hour?

Level 5s are a complicated topic and I won’t go into all the details here, but I have to ask in the nicest, most sugary way possible… why can’t you do them in lowsec?

2.5-5mil mission reward
2.5-5mil bonus reward
75k-105k LP valued at roughly 800isk per 1 LP

Generally you don’t touch wrecks aside from Operation Wyrmslayer which typically drops 75-300mil. Two weeks ago I got a HG Snake omega valued at 1.2 bil.

Most missions take about 1-5 minutes in a carrier. Rogue Spy (part 1) I do in a snake and it takes 8 minutes.

When I started doing level 5s, I made 400m an hour and I was quite happy with that. After hundreds of hours of tweaking my setup I make about a bil an hour not including loot. Cashing in level 5 LP is a hassle because you get so much of it, and the level 5 LP stores suck so you have to cash in on BULK common items, but its lucrative nonetheless.

To add:

The most important thing is social skills. You need maxed diplomacy, social, and security connections on two characters to be able to cherry pick the good missions and make the big-boy bucks. Also, you have to have faction standing over 7.0, corp standing won’t cut it. Faction standing allows for a lot more declines.


cool. I have like 9.0 plus on this character so… I may check it out actually. cheers, thanks for all this info!


Protip: Buy 3 carriers and put one in each objective system.


I would kinda like to see this happen as well, but it is unlikely. On a side note, some of the epic arcs missions are kinda L5 difficulty, at least the lower end L5, not the high.

But it would be interesting, since vast majority of L5s would not be solo simply due to the fact that you can’t use caps in HS. Bad side of it would be that it would end up as multi-boxer special content, and this unfortunately I can’t stand. Some player teams would run them, but the profits would be too slim when split, so they would end up being vastly multi boxed.

So while adding more content is always good, making it playable only by ceirtain portions of playerbase is not.


That’s the issue right there^


That’s where abyss style comes in its too complicated to multi box, since you have to be constantly thinking and adapting

I learned a Long time ago, you don’t bring a PVE ship to a PVP fight. for me the “perceived” risk is just too high. I don’t have an expensive ship like a rattlesnake or whatnot, but going into low sec, just seems like an overall bad idea for mission running, especially when a new jack like me can probe down a ship in under 5 minutes, most time 3 minutes.


There’s always someone that says this. There are scores of people that perceive it as too risky. Then there’s me making a bil an hour.

You simply don’t get to make that much isk if you’re completely risk averse.

To me the reward far outweighs the risk.

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what ship do you fly in there, and how often do you do them?

Also(and believe me if you don’t want to state this I understand) Where are you doing this?

Thannies, snakes & tornados, and barghests

I usually do a half hour to an hour if at all on week nights, and 4-8 hours sat & sunday.

I can’t tell you where I do them, but I will say all of the factions pay about the same. So its really about finding the quietest area and knowing who the local pirates are.

I guess I should had asked this in the previous reply, but how many chars do you use in these missions? or are you saying you can solo a lvl 5 with a tornado?