Why no LVL 5 missions in High-Sec?

Is there a reason why there’s no LVL 5 missions in High-Sec? One has to gather an army to go do them in low sec where the geeky gankers are waiting. What a stupid idea that is…give us some high lvl PVE content in high sec please.

Risk vs Reward.


People made much less isk than goon bots and it was considered too many isk for highsec.
In highsec you only must ever explode whenever you un-tether or undock. CCP willst it.


Lvl 4’s are becoming a snooze fest, too easy to Solo, no challenge, boring. I don’t want to meddle with the scumbag teenagers in low sec. Quit game? lol. Anything else to do solo?

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Why do I even have to undock to do missions? Or log in for that matter.

Haven’t they ever heard of subcontracting?

I should be able to just farm them out from the comfort of the local Waffle House on my handheld.

This is why Eve is dying.



Sounds insane, I like this. I swear Ima get 50 and put them in one system someday lol.

In before remove local in lowsex.

“You should try doing some stuff in lowsec. It’s more fun than mindlessly grinding lvl 4s”

Just my opinion, but thanks.

-Learn a region and stay put (don’t be a nomad) = Boring
-Scout a potential home in a fast frigate = A Frigate? no thx
–Spread some battleships out in different systems and leave them there instead of only having one = ok
-Use ships that cloak or warp in under 2 seconds to get around = I’m not om a rush

Honestly, there’s really not much to do as a high lvl solo character in this game, without having to enter loser sec. If you think I’ll go in low sec to risk another ship to a bunch of little frigate pvp dorks with warp scrambles you must be smoking something pretty bad. Only a dummy would.

I tried forming teams for lvl 5’s no one wants to go lol, so we’re stuck doing lvl 4 missions for 2 isk/lp an hour in a big team which is much funner but it’s just another Groundhog day. Incursions? All in low sec? Anything left to blow up?

I like seeing high lvl npc

Uhhh… I don’t think this is the game for you

Edit: Wait are you trolling?

Don’t think so. He was whining about the same thing a few weeks back after getting a few navy ravens cracked open in lowsec.


Incursions was said to be top of the notch highsec content. But with EVE Online : Invasions, our great lord Sansha Kuvakei decided to slow down a bit, which mean there are less Incursions currently.

Instead of farming L4s missions like a mindless zombie, you could indeed try your luck in lowsec with L5s. You don’t seems to be aware of that, but the highest ISK making activities are in less safer places. You can’t have the “safety” of Highsec and the ISK/hour of a C6 wormhole. And yes, EVE was built around the concept of PvP combats :slight_smile:

I saw on your thread that you want to fight against highly advanced NPCs. Then, you could try to complete those shiny new Invasions ! They give good rewards apparently, and you could even be able to fly those shiny Triglavian ships (including T2 ones, like the Ikitursa that can help you if you ever go back to L4 [don’t]).

Or, there are also those Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). Basically, a pirate organization (Blood Raiders or Guristas) decided to build one of their station in an highsec system to raid the people living there by attacking their structures, and depleting the ore belts to fund their own industry.

What is special about those FOBs is that you’ll meet a special kind of rat : “diamond” rats. Those have a waaaay upgraded AI (way more than your missions), and will use fleet tactics to make them stronger, like small ships disrupting your ship with energy neutralization, webbing and scramming. Or even Logistic ships to repair the ships you damage !

They also take a bit more skill to complete, and your rewards can be T2 salvage that sell for a good lot, or even faction structure modules !

If you want to know more about something else that whining for more ISK in less danger, come ask me :slight_smile:

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You should start telling that to people. For the most of them EVE is for making more isk than everyone else and screwing up the market.

proof ?

Then why make ISK ? To have more ISK ? To spend it on a ruined market ? I don’t see the logic :frowning:

Does calling them names make you feel better about losing ships to them?


Hey that’s pretty cool actually. Are you talking about Pirate Strongholds? Forgot about those. On my first day back since 2010 3 months ago, I warped to one and got destroyed lol. But it’s an awesome challenge for high sec. I’ll definitely give those another try. Also, the trig invasions are pretty damn cool and now I’m seeing a 2nd type of invaders hanging around gates in some high sec areas. I tried soloing them but they’re pretty hard. Will need to get a team going for those.

Also to the guy who said try and stay in one region, that’s true, I’m usually in one or 2 regions, thought you meant stay in one system lol, sorry about that.

So yea, best to start assembling a team for this nice PVE content in high sec. I’ve blocked off all low sec areas, dealing with teenage brat teams in frigates with warp scramblers? I’ll leave that dumbness to the rest of you lol.


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Nice article, thanks, didn’t know these were high lvl. Damn, most are in low sec though, have fun with that sh!tfest.

We get it. You hate lowsec.

Try running dens in between other activities. They have the highest chance of escalating to a dedsite.

edit: The ones in your area escalate to this Angel's Red Light District - EVE University Wiki


I don’t either but yet all tech 2 ships and modules cost 2.5 times as much as before those moon-mining citadels came along.