High Sec PVE Revamp Needed

High Sec PVE needs an overhaul, missions are boring after doing them for so long, some missions can be good for ISK making like Enemies Abound 1-5 however a new addition of new missions would be very welcome, imagine moving Level 5’s into high sec for corp operations.

I don’t see very many people doing level 5’s, i myself have never done one and would really like to but im not going into low sec to a camped mission agent just to be blow up, i know there is risk v reward so many people would disagree with the idea.

LP stores could also use an overhaul also.

I Would like to see in the next couple of expansions something to do with high sec along the PVE line and before people say it, yes this is PVP Game (100%) but there is still a high sec pve player base to think of.


We’ve been asking for this for over a decade…


L5’s are ran with carriers for a reason. If you tried them in high sec, you’d need a fleet of battleships. Not to mention whatever systems the L5’s were ran out of would be a ganker’s heaven 24/7.


Missions are some of the oldest content in the game. Ccp knows they need to overhaul it, but it would be so hard to do, they put it so far ahead on the schedule that you never hear about it.

Sure they added a few new L2s but abyss and other pve content is what theyve added instead of missions.


Battleship Burners would be nice.

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Way way way down the priority list my guy.

So um. gl hang tight. It was hard enough to get CCP to patch incursions once in like 5 years. It will be awhile before they touch missions.

High sec has had revamped PVE. Just not in the form of missions. Abyssals and Homefronts are where it’s at. We are missing new Battleship and Battlecruiser level PVE though, but I would rather they not rush it.

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If only there was a whole effing game that doesn’t revolve around either highsec or missions that you could play. :exploding_head:

they’re adding new battleship PvE out in nullsec, they can keep it, in my opinion cruisers and destroyers are more fun to fly, even for PvE. I’d rather do lvl3s in a HAC than lvl4s in a Marauder.

go to do the funny level V missions in lowsec

Go do DED Complexes and Escalations

The issue with missions is that they’ve been badly affected by inflation. Several more lucrative highsec PVE options have been introduced over the years (incursions, abyssals etc.), while missions and their rewards have been left static pretty much from their inception. If anything, the reward has been decreased thanks to a combination of the drop in tech1 salvage prices, the removal of base tech1 modules from loot tables, and rampant FW botting devaluing loyalty points. Coupled with increased prices, level 4 missions have gone from being a moderately lucrative source of income to borderline pointless. Pretty much the only incidental upgrade they’ve had was the marauder buff.


So the EvE version of McDonald’s workers demanding $20 because they won’t go get a job somewhere that pays more? :thinking:

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the workers didn’t demand it , politicians pushed it so they can take more in payroll taxes .
and many lvl4’s corps LP value was trashed when they implemented 1/2 price offers for FW corps …


Right. I’ve got this really nice bridge for sale in Brooklyn. You interested? I’ll sell it cheap. :rofl:

Then. :clap: Go. :clap: Do. :clap: Something. :clap: More. :clap: Profitable. :clap:

I’m not understanding why this concept is so difficult for all of you. Can someone please explain to me what is keeping you from going to do any of the other current PvE activities that make more money than missions? Because you just look like lazy whiners that don’t want to take a greater risk for a greater reward, you just want the greater reward for doing the exact same thing you’ve been doing for 20 years. You’re playing Mario 3 for the SNES and complaining it’s not a 3d Mario when 3d Mario exists, it’s just not Mario 3.

not complaining mate , just -trying- to correct you about your RL analogy . i don’t run missions and have no problem keeping myself entertained while playing . smiley face clappy hands clappy hands etc ;p

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No one runs PvE missions in high sec for ISK, except for maybe burners. The purpose of PvE missions is to raise your corp and faction standings, not as your daily bread-and-butter ISK generator.

You might be surprised.

I run them for ISK. But then again I discovered years ago it’s far easier to buy PLEX than to try to earn ISK in highsec. That was before the repeated nerfs to highsec income.

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i’m pretty sure Highsec + Pve is not supposed to provide “income” …
you are supposed to push the economy byt buying ships you won’t need later and lose them doing what you are doing, so the materials you sell can be used to make new ones for you to buy.

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