Returning Player - Advice on PVE and an idiots guide

hey all

So i am a returning player and lets just say everything is different, back in the day i had a legion now im not able to fly one due to missing skills and so much to learn and catchup on

I am a fan of big pretty ships, i fly an apoc just cause it shoots lasorz, so i was wondering whats their to do these day in the high sec PVE scene with bigger ships

Is it still just L4 grinding? or is their more newer PVE activities, ive always dreamed of a dungeon like PVE thing in eve were you can go level to level and kill a final boss with epic boss music but yeah

Whats happening these days

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I fear except level 4 combat missions the only other use in PvE for Battleships is incursions. If you haven’t done those yet, that may come closest to your idea of a dungeon as you need a fleet to run them with.

Apart from that, Battleships see little use in highsec PvE.

Closest thing to “dungeons” would be abyssals, but not with big ships.

Bigger doesnt mean better in the case of eve, more fun can be had with smaller ships

Hello and welcome back.

Since your last post was from 3 years ago, during that time not much has changed for PvE.

As for your question, other than doing regular level 4 missions, there’s the level 4 Epic Arcs which is similar to dungeon type content. Basically each mission in the arc get’s progressively tougher up to the final mission.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, you could try running the High Sec Pirate Stronghold / FOB’s (Forward Operating Base). Some players do solo run that content but I think it’s meant to be run with Fleet.

Course for a much more exhilarating experience, you could try running high level combat anomalies in Low Sec or Wormhole space. Course doing that also opens up PvP encounters.

Lastly there’s the Triglavian content available in the Minor Victory Systems which, in my opinion, shouldn’t be approached lightly since it’s very advanced PvE content.

I think that pretty much covers it, other than running Cosmos Agent Missions. Cosmos content can only be run once which I completed a long time ago. However I gotta say in the past few years I have heard players complain about bugs associated with it which prevented them from completing that content. Don’t know if that’s still the case…

Anyway, you can always check Uniwiki for more info. May you have good luck and much success with whatever you decide to do…

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The best thing about the L4 Epic arcs is that you get a big chunk of faction standing and you don’t get any standing losses with other factions.

For each faction just grind missions for the corp that runs it, until you get to 5 standing (takes a couple in nights bashing l1 - l3 missions) and then you can run the arc, its a great way to drag faction standings out of the gutter for the 4 main factions.

The Amarr one has missions that seem to drop tons of loot, so take a mobile tractor with you.

You can rotate between the 4 epic arcs, and also the SOE one, but there is a 3 month timer before you can repeat an arc.

Then you can use your increased faction standings to do cosmos for each faction.


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