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Hey guys and gals,

After almost 2 years out of game I am thinking about returning. 120m SP, and a fair wad of ISK to get me back up and running (very old buy orders for PLEX).

What are the main PvE aspects to get back into. Back when I left it was all about Incursions. Are these still the thing to do? Is there something else that has replaced it? If you can point me in a direction I can start researching.

Getting back into PvP is a long way off, if at all. I dont really have the time I used to.


Highsec hasn’t changed much in the past 2 years and I assume that’s where you intend to live if you aren’t looking for PVP. Highsec is about to change with the Lifeblood expansion bringing several new PVE options

So I stumbled onto Project Discovery in some google searches but gather this is just a side line thing that doesnt really change much in the game.

Are incursions still a big isk earner?

Thanks for the link, I will research it.

PvE is almost exactly the same as when you left, yeah incursions are still good momey

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