Thinking about coming back to Eve

Thinking about coming back after not playing since 2016. have about 80mil SPs on my main. Question is are incursions still a thing for making money. And also a little worried about CCP selling itself to a different company with the direction of the game. Eve demands a lot of time invested, looking for opinions of veteran players good and bad. I would be looking at doing null sec faction pvp, always enjoyed massive wars and the politics of new eden. Semper Fi do or die. you know what im saying?

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So far, it’s been stated that PA wants nothing to do with EVE, and CCP is still in full control. Basically the Investors sold CCP off to Pearl Abyss. If anything, Pearl Abyss has a lot to learn from CCP.

Incursions are still around. As far as Null, find the Alliance that fits what you are looking for.


welcome possibly back mate

you are in the same boat as me , though I have been back for about a week and a half now things still look good cant see anything meh brought on by the new owners yet

nullsec is still fun I poped down to delve last week did an incursion fleet or two and some exploration , everything old is still around plus some new odd stuff like the abuss crap though if your looking for pew pew then you will be happy to know null sec is still filled with heaps of that

faction warfare is still around , I do not poke around it to much but from the cahts I had with a couple players ingame it seems the eco system for faction warfare is still around , or simply drop a frig alt into red vs blue and have heaps of combat

though in all honesty I got back and had to learn a couple new things but over all its not bad at all , yes ccp was sold , though I see no changes to the way they run and manage things , on the safe side I only subbed for a month just to check things out and get the sweet x miss crap , if it goes good I will possibly do another month before deciding on a longer term investment

-tips hat-

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Don’t. More and more the effects of PA’s acquisition are becoming clear, as such I would say “don’t … yet”. Give it another year, as very subtly EVE is changing profoundly. We players tend to get lost a little bit by being inside the dynamic, case of forests and trees, but at the same time it isn’t hard to figure out what model drives the changes.

If you still want to dip a toe into the water, use an Alpha. It may be different or even harder than a more established character, but as an access method it is way more in tune with figuring out what EVE is becoming, and thus deciding if those changes are balanced against your personal playstyle or preferences.

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Thank you everyone for your input.

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