Old School 2009-2011 Player thinking about coming back

I haven’t actively played since about 2011. I do know the last time I paid and trained was about 2015. I remember I could not access my ships in the station. have no idea where I am. Anyway, that’s another topic I posted.

What I wanted to know is if anyone can list out and give a short definition to how “space” has changed. When I was actively laying, we have high sec, null sec, and some “wormholes” you could go into and hunt stuff, I think was the term? Sorry I cannot remember.

Also, since Eve is now F2P, can I at least log into my account and see if I am still in the same Null Sec station i left off in? If so, at least there is some hope of getting my pimped Drameil x2 and 10 Outfitted Drakes, Navy Drake, etc out of there.

Thanks so much.

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First of all, you can now logon and check out things without a subscription. The none Alpha skills are disabled until you pay again, i.e. you may not be able to undock in other than T1 or faction ships.

The most notable change is, outposts in nullsec are gone, we have player built citadels now … so you may a) logon to a citadel where you have no rights and can’t dock again or b) floating in space with your last ship where it was before destruction/scooping. The logon screen should tell you before logon.

Your stuff is not lost, in case of destruction/scooping you will find it in asset safety in closest lowsec. Else you may put it there yourself or negotiate with current owners (maybe joining them).

Space is pretty much the same, we have some special places now (Povchen, Thera), and space weather, new NPC AI, and a lot of other changes. The UI is looking much different.


My suggestion would be to not ask and just experience it, its like asking what happens in the next episode of your favorite series xD

I know but I also remember that every time I came back to Eve, it was 14 days 5 hours a day just to get the feel of it again–lol.

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So Null sec is still PvP free? Is that where most people now live?

Most of null pvp is in delve atm if you look at the econmic report that is where most people are:

I just thought of something. Does Eve have a Discord Channel, and would it be better to do Discord Eve than (old school) forums? lol

Really sorry. I had a life changing event, for the worse, around 2013, and just in the last year started gaming again. And, I do not play kiddie games. I like depth, but getting back in takes balls.

But is Nullsec still "the place to be?’ Over the last 12 years, I’ve only played 2 MMOs, Mortal Online (set to come out with MO2 in March, and which is dense like Eve) and Eve. One of my guild mates said he has a developed Eve account from back in the day like myself. He said he played about a year ago and everyone was in a different space, other than Null. Something like this ‘new space’ is the new Null space where we use to play. I can’t remember what he called it.

Not really, it’s free for all, and there are filaments to jump hunters straight to null, and roaming ESS robber gangs … I think PvP chance was never higher in nullsec. CCP working hard on upping the risk level in null. Also there is a war going on.

But I’m biased, as I’m not living in null but live in Povchen and mostly play in lowsec nowadays.

Personally I prefer low-sec, but there is very little people in low atm so I would go for null right now and then in a years time have a check low sec might become great.

You can even ask the GMs to transfer some stuff of yours, if that’d help you.
They do this for people who have been gone for a while.

They’ll usually move one ship and whatever crap you can put into.


Oh great, and since I’m a PvP player, I have many fully outfitted battle cruisers (my main choice for PvPv) and high end frigates, such as Dramiels also pimped out. They’ll move one?

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Try selling the rest via contracts/market …
… or try buying a hauler where you can put ships into?

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Hey Tipa,

What I meant about Nullsec being the place to be is that it was not protected, which is what we wanted. Also, it took a long time to get where you wanted to go because you had to jump. However, there were some sort of deices that would allow you to ump further. I think they were called “bridges?” They were no on maps and they were build by payers, I think, and the only way you could access them was by knowing their co-ords, or just randomly finding them = nearly impossible.

Yeah I can try to contract it, but the last time I was in the station, I was locked out of my ships.

As others - log in as alpha and test the waters, for a couple of weeks, then go back to whatever saved you from Eve previously… :slight_smile:

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LOL. If Eve is anything like it was when I was actively playing, it’s all good! I love the depth.

Beside the normal star gates there are player build gates in sov null, all visible on the map, but you need access rights to use. Everything player structure related is now managed with ACLs.

Living without a group in nullsec is not really feasible imo, not sure it ever was.

I guess not. Nullsec is now infiltrated by crybear virus. They just do some greedy krabbing but don’t want pvp. Shame on them living in nullsec.

The last time a ship died to PvP in null-sec was in 2013.