Old School Player from 2009


I haven’t actively played since 2011. Back in 2015 I was just paying to train my character. A few questions:

Yeah, the obligatory “Is Eve worth playing these days” question? Specifically, two concerns “Free 2 Play” and the sale to Black Desert. Has that been a net positive or not?

The last time I actively played was 2011, and the last time I logged in I was in the player station in null sec where I stopped actively playing. I was not able to access my ships, and the corp I was in is long gone. The last time I actively logged in was late 2015.

Question: can those stations be destroyed? If so, are all my ships gone too (I had several Drameils and about 10 Drakes, all fully outfitted, plus many other ships like hounds, bombers, etc, all pimped to the max.

In case they are still there, how do I go about moving them to a new location while I integrate myself back into the game?

Thanks for any help.

Oof I can feel the desperation here. If its a player-made structure like a keepstar or sotiyo then yes, it can be destroyed. If its an npc station then no, it cannot be destroyed.

I… dont really know how to save your ships. Where are the ships in, by that I mean is it in the corp hangar or what?

It’s really a bad idea to live you belongings in-game in a player station if you want to take a vacation from the game. A lot has happened in this game even the other NPC stations are already pochven.

None of the stations that were around when you last played actively will put your stuff at risk. The ones in most of Null were converted into limited-edition faction Fortizars (a Fortizar being a large citadel with the ability to dock capital ships) and one of the traits of faction Fortizars is that they will never go into the abandoned state in which your stuff is at risk.


Yes they are in a corp hanger, the last time I checked, that is.