Returning Player, what's changed?

TLDR: What has changed in the last 8 years? Maybe a list of what hasn’t changed would be shorter? Beyond just the “new ships, new skills, new meta fits, etc” I get the game has added tons of new ships/weapons/modules/etc. incursions, new race of npcs, etc. Not really talking about that stuff I can pick that up from watching youtube.

I haven’t played in any meaningful way in about 8 years. Was playing New World with a bunch of former Eve players and we got to talking about this game and the nostalgia kicks in. Start seeing Ads everywhere for this game, other forums bringing up this game, etc, finally I decided to download it again and recover my accounts.

So i’m sitting in station spinning my ship trying to cope with all the new menus and pop ups and everything and I realize I don’t really know anything anymore and I need to know certain things before I even undock.

Can anyone break down the basic combat mechanics now, so I don’t get exploded on accident? For example, can you still dock/jump once your weapon timer (60s) has expired, wanna say I read something or watched a video saying if you are targetted/disrupted/scrambled can you no longer dock or use stargates? Things like that. I need a primer on fundamental game mechanics and what has changed. Last time I played was around 2014.

Currently my characters are all Alpha accounts sitting in stations with hundreds of ships that I can’t even fly because I gotta subscribe to get Omega status. Also i’ve been -10.0 since 2006, can you still regain security status by killing NPC rats? My plan currently is to figure out some ship fits, throw together some cheap ships and go rat my way back to neutral status so I can move around, figure out what I wanna do and where I wanna live and move or sell all my ships.

Thanks in advance

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I’m going to address this question, and the answer is yes.

But, given your vet status you may have the wallet for this:

which was a big change, at the time.

Welcome back.

Ok thanks, that was pretty easy got both of my guys to 0.0 status now :slightly_smiling_face:

So now there is a cool down on jumping called jump fatigue, but capitals can use star gates now…looking in to what it will take to move my ships this seems like a pita. like i’m supposed to just auto-pilot through null/low sec in a dreadnaught?

but my carriers can now hold like 10 cruisers, so that’ll make things easier, but one of my carriers turned in to a auxilary ship?

can’t fit a cyno on frigates anymore? i’m just so confused.

I also revived my account yesterday - have been playing a bit in 2003-2005 (lost account), recreated account in 2010, and played a bit in 2015 also. So I’m on the same journey as you, mate.

From what I gather - it seems that combat is basically the same. They changed the way the clones work - from what I gather, you just “revive” after being killed, no longer have to buy/upgrade your clone.

Some new ships, but to be honest, compared with 2015, its not that much. Oh yeah - and now you actually can buy skillpoints :slight_smile: so depending on your real-life-wallet size, you can really shorten the training time.

Message me in-game first and let me know what system you’re leaving from :slight_smile:

Ventures can fit industrial cynos and hold enough Liquid Ozone for 1 activation if you fit a T2 Expanded Cargohold. This is what I use for my JF cyno alts.

Prospects and other cloakies can fit covert cynos.

Shiny Graphic

More info here

I read the OP and am in exactly the same position.

One thing I have learned so far is that all your old stuff in stations that have since been blown up have been transported to low sec and are contained within 1m3 containers. If you fly to the station you can look into the container and get your stuff out (individually or in bulk) at a cost of ~20% market value.

I too am trying to figure out how to slowly get myself back into the game.

I think the industrial and covert cyno changes are awesome, especially love the black ops conduit jump thing now, seems great on paper. but none of that helps when you are moving capitals :frowning: especially when you have to move multiple caps per character.

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