Returning player, wondering what changed

Hello, world. I played EVE Online for a while a few years ago, before I was pulled away by a friend to World of Warcraft for a while (Yeah, tell me about it.) and since I only have room for one subscription-based MMO-type-thing in my life, EVE Online kinda fell by the wayside.

I think I played back in… 2015? I don’t remember. This character is so old, but looking at his face brings back good and bad memories.

Anyways, I was wondering if there were any major changes in content, whether or not starting a new character would be a good idea, and if the game is still similar to how it was in 2015. And, if it’s even worth getting into.

Because, I remember really liking EVE. And since World of Warcraft is on the verge of biting the big one due to idiotic devs, I decided I’d poke around here again.

Also, I heard that CCP got bought out by someone. Is that something I should be worried about?

The updates site will show changes since 2014 and there have been a lot of them

Dev Blogs will fill in the details


If you old char is low in skill points (like under 2-3 milions) and has very bad standing to some non-pirate faction, you can think about starting over. Otherwise - keep using your old char. You will save yourself plenty of time (or ISK, you can buy skill point injectors now). I doubt you remember how Eve was meant ot be played, you will most likely discover new world, full of wonders, rage, salt and beauty. And it is good to have something to discover.

Welcome back.

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I think 2015 there were no Alpha Clones. so feel free to create an Alpha account (free trial without any time restriction) and get a notion about Eve 2018. If you already started Omega again, fill the skill queue of your omega alt, for it skills twice as fast as alpha chars. You cannot play Alpha and Omega parallely, but you can log out and log in within the same launcher window.

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Thank you! I am fully prepared for the rage and salt. Now that I remember, I do distinctly recall dying several times doing something big in null, so I can’t wait to see what happened to that.

EVE is dead. Just waiting for PA to hammer the final nail into the coffin.

…Oh? What makes you say that? Not as many people playing anymore?

I just did a quick search and Tranquility has around the same amount of players as it did back then… Maybe a little less, but all MMOs inevitably decline, even if just a little bit.

Or do you mean “dead” in the way all the WoW players always meant “dead,” as in “they made some changes I don’t like, but I’m still gonna keep playing it anyways” :joy:

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Pearl Abyss just bought CCP. Prepare for P2W.

Not like, EVEonline will still be handled by CCP as they will continue to function independently from PA.


Yeah, like they functioned independently from their investors over the past 2 decades. You’d have to be dillusional to think an investment of $425m doesn’t come with keys and a long set of strings that reach back all the way to Korea.


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