Returning after nearly two years off

(Alastair Onzo) #1

My old computer quit running eve, so I had to quit playing.

I now have one that should run it fine, and am preparing to download the game again.

Once I’m in, where do I start? I’m sure a lot has changed and I want to get started on the right foot.

(Subdolus Venator) #2

I’d just posed a similar question. What I was told, and it seems wise to me, is to start a new Alpha Clone / Account, and do the NPE / Tutorials. Many things have changed.

Maybe do something crazy that you might not have otherwise tried.

Once you’ve got your feet under you, grab your old Omega Clones and go to work.

(Giddy McFee) #3

So much has changed in that time, I recommend going over the dev blogs and release notes for the times since you left. Alpha clones are an option to familiarise yourself, but they are very restrictive in what they can do.

(Swante Toki) #4

Hi sir!
Join a corp, get friends and have fun. Check your other post in recruitment o7

(Subdolus Venator) #5

Heh. I’m checking Dev Blogs doing back to Kronos. I’ve got a LOT of homework… :stuck_out_tongue:

(system) #6

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