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Hello all. i last played this game almost 8 years ago. and i am unsure of how to get back in and what i buy to just play basic… i am unsure i want to return as i do not know how much has changed and if the fun is still in the game… so could you please advise me what i should buy just to get a basic idea of what it is like now… many thanks

First I would suggest that you do the tutorial again and all of the career agents , since you come from an 8 year hiatus . Meanwhile you can read all of the patch/update notes from CCP page in the last 8 years .

lol oh lord. thats alot to do. i think maybe would just starting a new game with the free week play be best

You can now play free (as Alpha account) as long as you want, with some restrictions.

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Old friend sold his Titan toon and pulled all sp from his main and started fresh. Maybw do the same. Yolo