Been gone for 9 years, new character or continue with old?

Hey, been gone for about 9 years now. Wondering how I should get back into the game. From what I remember I have gone pretty far on my character, but I have no idea how this game plays anymore, I remember nearly nothing about it except that my old character could fly battleships.

Is there some tutorials and quests/missions that are available now only for new characters that can help me learn the game, give me rewards etc that I probably won’t be able to do on my old character?

Struggling to make a decision if I should start fresh or of starting on my old character would be perfectly okay.

Currently going through the New Citizens Q&A for help, but thought I would ask my specific question here.

You can do a couple of things, 1. Roll a new alpha character, and go through the tutorial, and the career agents missions, and the SOE arc; or, 2. you can just do the career agents missions again on your old character (you’ll have to use a starter system new to the old character).

Both provide benefits. The new alpha character option (which is free) will give you the most experience; but the career agent option for your old character will be quickest.

It just depends upon what you want, it may be you start the alpha character and your memories of EVE flood back and those memories will be sufficient to jump start your original character.

The Rookie Griefing link lists off the Career Agent systems. You need to find a school/system you didn’t attend before. (In my case, I attended two, Conoban and Trossere, so I can’t repeat there; but, I could do the missions issued by the Pasha system agents even now, six years later.)

Welcome back.


Agency makes it so much easier to locate Career agents from within the game.

@Gunshin_Imaizumi create a new character and try out tutorial (read the stuff it tells you) then proceed to career agents.


Keep your character, none of the skill points are wasted. Find a new corp to play with.

You may find the very skills you have now are needed by the corp you join.

All your trained skills are still relevant.

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