Need some advice returning player


I came back to Eve after a 3 year break on Saturday and learnt a harsh lesson almost right away was my fault you live and learn.

I have played on and off since 2006, but still only have around 13 million SP. Never really got into the game enough to stick around now I have a bit more time to dedicate to playing I would like to try again.

Now my question is now I stupidly lost everything I had as I was moving stuff around would it be better if I started a new character and learnt to play the game from the start again or carry on with this character? Although I now have nothing I’m not sure even where to start on this character :slight_smile:

Any advice would be appreciated

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I’m a noob.

From my perspective, it sounds like you are learning to play from scratch anyway. If you agree with that assessment, then ditching your existing character might also help you get your head around that reality. That’s first option.

Alternative option. Park your existing character, open a separate alpha clone account, which is free, learn and die on that, and then come back and re-inherit your existing skill points when you feel the need and/or think you can use them better.

Third option is variation of the first. You have 13 mil SP? Perhaps think about selling your character. Have a look on “WTS” posts on this forum and you should quickly pick up an idea of what the character is worth. I suspect it will worth be a lot more than the ship / materials you lost. So … fresh start … new character … but likely with a very healthy isk account. Which means you can buy skills / ships quicker than you could otherwise, once you find your feet again?

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I’m in the same situation as you. I came back a week ago after 4 years break. And I never thought about restarting a new character.

Your current skillpoints are not a problem, as you can restart flying frigates or destroyers to re-learn the ropes. You can run again carrier agents (as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong), Sister of Eve Epic Arc and low level missions. In just a few hours, you will be back in Eve and quickly upgrading to whichever activity you want to do in game. If you start a new clone, you will be locked out of some activities because of your missing skill points.

Regarding the stuff you lost, it will be a lot faster to rebuild some isk with your 13M skillpoints toon.

To summarize, you have no reason (from my point of view at least) to restart your character from scratch. Juste play some time doing simple things, and your reflex will come back soon enough.

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Thank you for the reply.

I guess if I can run the sisters arc again it wont be too bad. Can I run the tutorial career missions again if I have already done them? or is the starter tutorial different now to what it was?

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Don’t let that bother you too much. I know it seems like a large blow, and to be fair it is for someone in your situation, but even with your modest SP, 500M ISK could be earned in a single day of playing. You do need some capital to make ISK, but not much, and if you stick with the game, 500M ISK will seem like peanuts, or at least small potatoes, in no time.

You have a couple options. First, if you really feel completely at sea, I would use one of the additional spots on your account to make a new character and run through the tutorial. It never hurts to have an alt, and running through the tutorial and perhaps the Sister’s of Eve epic arc will help get you orientated again.

Then you have to decide how to go forward. You could decide to sell your original character, which probably will get you 10B ISK or so. This sounds good, but it will take you many months to build up a viable character for ISK generation again, but often this journey is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game for new players. You can try out many things - industry, exploration, missions, incursions - and pick what you like, or even use it to fund some lowsec PvP as 10B will keep you in frigates forever.

The other option would be to then switch back to your original main, and perhaps use skill extractors to turn some of that SP into ISK. You could extract a few million SP, maybe from skills you aren’t using (like if you trained mining but don’t want to mine ever again) and sell them on the market for a couple billion ISK. That would allow you to resume L4 missions or incursions, or set up an industrial operation, or many other things that require a little ISK to get rolling.

It’s hard to say what to advise without knowing how much you know and how set you are on a long term goal. So, the TLDR advice is as Lily said above: your SP/character is worth something and you can access that value in multiple ways using character trading or skill extractors. Don’t fritter it away, but if you are really ISK-limited, don’t be afraid to use that to achieve your goals in the sandbox.


Great thank for your reply.

I’m not worried about the loss too much as it was my fault should of paid more attention to what I was doing and this is Eve after all so its to be expected.

Most of my skill points are in exploration. So I might go down the route of extracting skill points on stuff I don’t use to get the exploration part up and running again.

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Thankfully, you don’t need much in the way of ISK for exploration. It is one of the cheapest professions, at least to get started.

You’ll be back on your feet in no time. You still might want to run some or all of the NPE/tutorials/SoE Arc just for fun and to refresh your understanding of the mechanics, but you only need a few million ISK to fit out a basic exploration frigate and get out there.

Have fun!


There are 12 career mission hubs (3 per each faction), and you can finish all 12. So just pick one you haven’t visited yet and go get you new Frigs, Industrials and a Destroyer for free.

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hi @Squiffy_Quimm

looks like you just need some hints in the right direction … i would not start a new char … maybe only start a 2nd char on the same account … do the tutorial but not more
then go back to the old char and play the game

its too bad that this happens to you … the kill looks ugly and if it was all you had its even worse

give me a poke when i am online tonight and we talk … maybe you just want to find a friendly corp … some corp stuff is arround to give you a fresh start


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Keep Squiffy. Use one of the other character slots on the omega account Squiffy is on to start a new character to do all the tutorial etc. Once you are comfortable with the game again start using Squiffy as your main.

Building back up from nothing can be kinda fun. I did it once (gave away my stuff and biomassed my character - bad idea, don’t do that…unless you want to give me your stuff…then yes do that). Some people start again from nothing just for the challenge. You’ll be fine. Carry on.

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