Returning player

Hello and thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help/advise.

I have been away from EVE for a long time and am returning with a friend.
I have just logged onto my old account which I played on for a few months and am wondering if its worth starting fresh or if what I accumulated in my youngers days is worth resurrecting.

I am not sure what all the changes mean, and my memory is a little vague so Ill try my best to ask what I feel is prudent.

I have 2,803,861 skill points and 379,003 unallocated, is this worth much in time?

My net worth is 35,323,161, and I have 10,000,000 on my character, is this much in todays economy?

I would like to get into mining/hauling or similar, my attributes are P24, M 16, W 22, I 19, C 18. Would a new character give me better attributes?

I have a few ships spread across several systems, is there a way to quick sell, or transport them to a starter zone?

Do I miss out on the new starter experience or story?

I am open to other considerations also.

Many Thanks!!

Join the club. Literally. Dont come back, atleast for now.

If you plan on staying Alpha, thats quite a lot of time.

Net worth doesnt really mean anything, and 10 mill is meh. But skillpoint-wise, you have enough to justify continuing with your current character.

Unless, of course, you hate the chars name or did something shady and people havent forgotten about you.

You should be able to change your attributes if need be, you get one free remap a year.

Not really. I would mostly abandon anything worth less than 1 million isk, but then again i have like 800 billion isk, and thats just in ISK.

I am sure you are missing out on nothing.

Best thing to do is to join a good starter corp. One that will support you, give you free ships, roam with you and show you the ropes. 100% the best advice to any new player.

Good luck!

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thanks very much great answer, I was leaning towards using a referral link and starting fresh to get the 1,000,000 free SP and access the NPE but you have tilted the balance in favour of restarting. I like my character name, I am Caldari and not sure if that’s the best choice for what I want to do…

Theres nothing stopping you from making a new character, you can always do a referral link, make a new character, and check out the NPE. I have 8 accounts and close to 15 characters after all, with most having atleast 20, 30 million SP, just to try out new things. You get 3 character slots for a reason.

Also, doesnt really matter what race you are. Only affects some few minor skills that you have at the very beginning, but thats about it. You can learn any skill that you want, and in the end, it becomes meaningless as to what your starter race was. I wish it mattered more, but im at the point that i cant remember if this character started out as gallente or caldari.

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At that amount of skillpoints, I’d recommend coming back to your character and also remapping to evenly spread the points between every attribute but charisma (corps and boosting skills mostly).

You’re “new” enough that a focused remap will harm you more than help you. You’ll be better suited training a whole lot of skills to the III-IV mark and getting a few choice V’s from across the skilltree. Things like Drones V, Hull Upgrades V, and one or two racial gun skills to V for access to Tech II turrets.

Look into the Enyo, Harpy, and Wolf as early “advanced” ships to train towards and send an application off to one of the nullsec newbro alliances (if and only if you’re comfortable with being on voice chat with other people). Flying with them in standing/response/fun fleets will learn ya the game and get you competent pretty quick.

When I started, I didn’t do any of that.

I remapped for Int/Mem and very nearly ended up quitting over it. My “brilliant” plan was to train all the armor/engineering/shield/etc. skills to IV-V right off the bat. I detoured a bit to get some drone skills, and that basically left me in an arbitrator for most of the first year.

DO NOT DO THIS. It makes chugging draino sound appetizing.

*edit: mining and hauling are fine enough, but they don’t have a lot of growth potential early on. Freighters take an enormous amount of skillpoints and isk, especially when running courier contracts. Mining is more doable, but, again, you’ll find it more profitable in null.

Thanks a lot, I am thinking of starting a corp for just me and my friend to mine and haul, but now considering joining something established