Thinking of playing Eve again

The last time I logged on was 2 years ago. The last time I played regularly was 10 years ago. Thinking of dipping in again. Is it worth continuing my character or start a new one? Right now I have 4.3 million skills and 28 million ISK.

When you use a refferal link to create a new account you get 1 million unallocated skillpoints. The ISK and assets you can transfer any time via contract to the new character if you choose so.

It’s up to you. A good criteria to decide on migh be how you have distributed your skillpoints on your old character. Are the skillpoints still there where you want them or you do you want to try something else?

Your existing character has a lot more skills than a new one would - even with a referral bonus - so I recommend keeping the old one unless there is a good reason not to. You can play for a while as an Alpha if you want before deciding whether you want to subscribe. The game is undergoing major changes this year so we “live in interesting times”.


Welcome back dude :slight_smile: I’d keep your old char just for the history.

Thanks all, I think I’ll keep my character for now. A lot seems to have changed - is there any good resource such as videos where i can catch-up? When I used to play we had daily reboots at 12 - is this still a thing lol ? It was ideal to move precious cargo soon after a reboot to avoid PvP gangs.

1 Like covers every patch back to 2014. There will be links to dev blogs.

They still reboot the server at 11:00 UTC every day - down time rarely takes more than 5-10 minutes now.

Not sure there is an “ideal” time to move precious cargo. You’ll be scanned several jumps from destination so they know you’re coming. I generally haul in Blockade Runners - they’re hard to catch.

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You’re thinking this wrong and asking the wrong question as a result.

The two possibilities you’re considering aren’t mutually exclusive. You may keep your old char and create a new one, either in the same or a in separate new user account.

Moreover, you don’t even have to pay a subscription for either as long as you only play (in alpha state) with one of them at a time, allowing you to try things and becoming up to date before deciding what to do.


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