Should I start a brand new character?

Hey everyone,

I am a returning player from years ago. However, when I did play, I wasn’t Deep into the game.

  • I have 1 character who seems to be aimed more toward war/ship commandeering with about 2.5 mil skill points.
  • I also have another character that seems to be catered specifically for mining. He has ~1.4mil skill points.

The conundrum?

I learn better by doing rather than reading, and thus, I feel that restarting a character will get me up to scratch with the game (as my knowledge on how to play is essentially @ Zero).

Of course, I understand I could easily ‘Make a character, do the tutorial stuff, understand the basics, then get back on my other characters now with more knowledge’.

Though, I do kind of have this want to “start fresh, and unencumbered”.

  • I guess a big question I have is, especially with Omega status; “Is 2.5mil skill points going to be easy enough to re-obtain if I start out completely fresh?”.
  • Also, is there any point to having alt characters on the same account? As in; Miner, Scanner, Fighter …etc.

My apologies for the questions. But thank you for your time.

There is literally no reason to throw away a character unless he got messed up with some bad Eve politics.

It’s the equivalent to throwing away all of your money when you get a new job so that you can feel the experience from starting from the bottom again.

For your questions, 2.5 mil sp is about 3 months training (0.5 mil per month starting with 1 mil)

Other alts are useful, for scouts across the Galaxy at minimum. if they’re Omega, then you can do PI, industry, and market orders too.

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Well, you pre-empted my first answer, which was indeed to roll a new character and relearn the basics with it. If you don’t want to do that…

You can most likely find career agents that will have combat missions for your combat alt and run those, and industrial missions for your industrial alt. There is definitely an advantage to having one fighter and one industrial character. If anything, it is quite convenient to “be in two locations” since you don’t always want to fight where you mine. Some people have a scanner alt, but I find that my fighter character being able to also scan is quite convenient.

Starting fresh offers you nothing in EVE, since you are pretty much never penalized for having more SP in something you don’t need right now (the only exception being skill injectors, but you are still below the threshold for penalties with both characters).

Make a new character. Learn the game again from the beginning.

2.5 mil skillpoints is not enough in the big picture to prevent you from starting fresh. Don’t get rid of your 2.5 character, though.

If I were in your situation I would start a new omega character to learn everything from the beginning, forget the 1.4mil sp character besides training it’s free alpha skills (just because…why not, it’s free), and also make the 2.5 million skillpoint character omega at least until it reaches 5.5 million sp.
At 5.5 million sp you can extract the 500k skillpoints needed to fill a skill extractor and make it into a skill injector (can’t extract skills below 5 million sp). You could put the skillpoints into your most-recently-made character and have a useful 5 million sp alt also.

That’s probably how I’d do it, anyway.

Making alts every few patches is a good way to learn new features as well as increase your herd of slaves.

Sorry I mean corp of pilots.

Be aware that you cannot skill two characters of the same account simultaneously unless you pay for multiple character training.

It’s not just about keeping skillpoints; getting interested in the game is important, and if you feel disconnected from your character then that’s a problem. Omega training speed (with some +3 implants) is about 1.4 million skill points per month, so it’s not that big of a deal to start with a new character and remove the old ones. You can do Alpha to start with, but with the holidays season coming, there’s bound to be Omega subscription discounts available, just look around in Account Management, or on Amazon or w/e, see if they offer anything.

The new tutorial + career missions will give you some 10 million ISK worth of ships and gear, the SoE epic mission arc will give you another 10 million, and both are good re-introductions to the game. After that, I’ll recommend joining one of the big PVP groups for easy access to daily PVP fleets, free replacement frigates, and large group of people to play with. Or, research what you want to do and put some time into finding a good corporation that does that, join them.

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