Eve the hard way

I started a new character and discovered that I had about 400,000 skill points already allocated to various skill. I don’t want to start out like that, I want to train everything by choice, not have it done for me. Is there any way to start a character with 0 skill points, or as few as possible that allows learning other skills. Let’s just say I like doing things the hard way.

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At this point I totally understand CCP!

There is no way you could start with 0 skillpoints.
And there is really no need for this since these are the core skills that you want to be trained anyway…

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I hear you. On the other hand, it also makes sense to play the game (in the sense of “play the Game of Thrones”).

Like you, I would prefer to start from scratch. On the other hand, those 400 k pre-allocated points means everyone else can play tutorials straight away. So, we are not allowed to avoid the points but you can still avoid the tutorials if you want.

Which is where the “play the game” part comes in. I started a new character recently simply because the buddy-invite was buffed to give new pilots 750 k skill points. I then spent time doing tutorials, getting more unwanted skill points such as for PvP, but also getting up to level 4 mission status using those skills, and all whilst doing the XVI Anniversary log-ins.

Bottom line was I got around 500 k skill points, not all of which I wanted, in return from getting a total of 2,000 k skill points to do with as I wished. This is Eve; you may not like all the choices people make for you (including CCP) but it’s how you then play the game.

A beginner capsuleer is going to have a little training or they couldn’t be a capsuleer in the first place.

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Sheesh - half these forums is complaints that people DON’T get free stuff, and the other half is complaints that they DO get free stuff. I can see why CCP might choose not to take these forums too seriously…


When I started, the basic allocation was 50K SP and the free trial period was 14 days. There was simply no way a new player could could properly evaluate the game before hitting the paywall. Now we start players with 400K (or more with a buddy invite) and the free trial is permanent.

400K SP represents 9 days training for a new Omega player (1800 SP/hour) - 18 days for an Alpha. It’s a useful head start and let’s you do stuff a week sooner - which helps retention. It’s a good idea.

Don’t worry about playing Eve the hard way - there is no other option.


Train to 5.5mil SP, use a skill extractor, then inject. Problem solved.

It only took me a few sets of alts to get the art down, when creating new players for desired intentions.

We assume you will get it too when you practice enough. and remember:

practice does not equal perfect.

only perfect practice equal perfect.

We know people “think” or hear, that Eve is hard or difficult. Its really not. Its just rather intended for people of intelligence and dedication.

The learning curve is steep but that doenst make the game experience difficult per say. Just means theres a lot of content to Eve and tons to learn, to do, etc.

What makes Eve difficult is all revolving around the players themselves and the choices THEY make. Same principle applies to life. What you resist, you siffer. What you accept, you transcend.

You might have like the state of Eve when I started in 2008.

You started with almost no trained skills, unallocated skill points were not a thing.

You also had a set of “training skills”, one for each attribute, that had to be trained before you could really train anything else effectively. Oh, and you could also only put 24 hours of skills in your queue.

Basically it was Skill Queue Online for your first two weeks.

They were called, Learning Skills.

I was playing EVE in 1993 or whenever it first came out. I’ve played up numerous accounts to ridiculous abilities. Then I get bored and start over. Now, there is no starting over. It’s like starting World of Warcraft at level 100, which by the way, is possible.

Do you know why? The devs realized new players faced months worth of grinding before they could experience most of what the game offered. I’m sure CCP came to the same realization when they added in skill injectors.

The fun part about WoW or EVE is the stuff you do in the game, not waiting for skills to finish training…at least for most of us.

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The allocation of skill points at the start of the game is necessary so pilots are able to do basic space flight, combat and so on: these skills are applied when you graduate from whatever school you chose as your starting path.

Welcome to the game pilot and fly safe o7

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