CCP, can I get LESS skillpoints?

Coming back after several years, I see new characters start with a LOT of skillpoints. Over 300k? And all in that useful things. You mostly don’t have to worry about your cap anymore, you mostly don’t have to worry about fitting restrictions anymore, you can isntantly jump into an exploration frigate and scan down/hack almost everything in highsec…

And I mean, that’s great for new players and all, but for a returning “vet” it just feels weird. It’s like creating a new character in any other MMORPG and starting at level 7 instead of level 1.

So here’s a selfish request for the absolute minority: give us an option of “hardcore” start with exactly 0 skillpoints. And no ship or tutorial - just you, in capsule, floating in space. Hide it from new players with a Konami code or make it so you have create an iamtehhardcorez.txt file in the eve.exe folder, or whatever.

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You can simulate this by creating a character and just not playing it for a few weeks :smiley:

Really tho is this a serious thread?

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