12 Year Hiatus

Hi guys, I’m about a week in on a new char and loving it! Planning on going down the route of Battle Cruisers (got one from the Arms Race Rewards) Myrmidon to be exact and going down the route of drones to accompany it. That’s my aim.

However, I have just managed to gain access to my original accounts from 2005 which is awesome, along with it is 350k+ skill points to use. So I can really set this character up the way I need to.

1st question is why would I have these points, looks like some skills have been pulled off and maybe got the points back in return?

Bigger question, what should I really be looking at maxing out to begin with? As much navigation/armour/drones/engineering/targeting and a bit of social as I can? Or is there a specific guide showing what I should go for?

Many thanks

in the past if eve screwed up and there were issues and it was CCPs fault we were allocated SP to use, looks like you just have a ton of them, dont waste em

this may help you decide where to spend some - https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/The_Magic_14

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Thanks for that. Went through the ‘Magic list’ and the support skills page and blitzed all the point into as much as I could in the most of the area’s I need.

So that’s definitely a solid base to carry on, taken me just shy of a mil SP.

Many thanks for you reply, will have to delve further in to this now.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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