“New player” with old account

So this game has always interested me and in fact I first registered back in 2008 and apparently I have the same account. I never really got into the game as I couldn’t commit enough time To learn all the elements. Every few years I’d login and try, spending more time each go around. I’m trying yet again but this time using a more rigorous approach. My question is I have this account with about 1 million skill points and $75 million isk and some corvette ship. I don’t think I should start completely over ( not entirely sure) but is there a way to restart the tutorials or what would proper advice be for me? I remember basically nothing from my past experiences. Thanks!

New characters are free, you can make one just to do the turorial if you want.

It’s always useful to have an alt.

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Agreed with Amatin. Make a new free (Alpha clone - pretty much what used to be a trial account but unlimited time) character. Do the tutorial. Ask someone with an Omega (clone - what used to be just a regular account) account if you can use their recruit link to get your character 1 million free skill points (never pay for using anybody’s recruitment link). Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the game again either switch back to your older character or sell it if you don’t care about having an older character.

Thanks, I’m a little confused. Should I use the same account and create another character or register an entirely new character with a another email?

you can use the same email, just create another account… i’ll happily let you use my referral link so you can get 1mil free SP nothing to give back to me for it either.

Ok, so how does that work. I start a new character on my account and somewhere during that process I can enter a referral and get 1 million skill pts? Is there some condition in order to get it?

you’ll use the referral link to start your new account.

I see, can you send one over?

i sent you an evemail in game.

Ok I’ll check it out later, can I use my same email?

yea same email. just use a new password and user name.

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