New player Questions -- Free skill points and ISK return

Hi, I just joined EVE online recently and someone invited me to join his cooperation. In the cooperation, I used his link for 1mil free skill points and bought Omega but several days later, lots of old players told me that I should go to whoever provided the link with me and ask for ISK (approxiamtely 0.8B) in return since he will receive Omega bonus at the same time. Is it true and is it a common sense in this game? Should I really go to him for ISK in return? Thanks!

I never heard of such practice. It is greedy as hell.


This is the reason it is advertised in local all the time.
You can ask your CEO or recruiter what is the normal way in the corp. But actually it’s the reward CCP gives the user who made you pay. Some starting ISK is also a big help for you though.

When you go omega for the first time and you were using a referral then the one who gave you that referral gets 14 days of omega time himself which has massive value. There’s a thread here in newbie section where people advertise their referral and promise a reward would you use it and go omega, generally the reward is isk and sometimes they do the “no isk but I’ll help you” (which is really just BS). Going back to someone who didn’t promise you any reward isn’t really going to work, that is what they hope for and is the reason why people spam that damn link everywhere. Just treat is as just another EVE learning moment about thinking before doing.

Besides, it’s just isk and as a newbie it’s probably better you don’t get a bag full of iskies because when you do it generally robs you of early goals and incentives.


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