Im inviting a new friend to play eve, with a referral link. We are going to play together. What do you recommend to spend skills on?

I am inviting a friend to play eve with a referral link (non alts) We both are going to play together …I’m also gonna mentor them but being new myself (11m skill points)

What are the best things for us to both do together? (and make isk ((maybe abyssals??)));?

What skills points/skill path should I set up for them?


Can’t go wrong with the magic 14 and other support skills (i.e. tanking and gunnery skills). They’re important, and benefit to wide a range of ships and careers. Thus, he’s likely to get use out of them no matter what he ultimately gets into.

With the referral links, what can we do? I was looking at ratting fits and also abyssal deadspace (destroyers? ) just not sure it can be done with that skill level…

Cant really do exploration as they the alpha doesn’t have a cloak

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