Me and a friend have an alpha can we

Here is my concern here i play EvE and a friend of mine irl does too, we just started and we were talking about getting at the same house to play togheter so i can teach him some stuff but we both have an alpha account we made on steam to get the hang of it back then i have plenty of money on this toon to plex him i just dont feel ready for the end game its been 2 years off of eve.

would ccp be able to see we created and most of the time used different ip that we are just doing a sort of lan kind of stuff drinking beer enjoying Eve.

Thanks for answering my question. =)

I did it for a while with my housemate. Didn’t have issues even though at the beginning 100% of his online time was when I also was online.

Obviously, the two accounts are under different names and using 2 different email addresses, but that’s easy enough to fake.

I think the big thing is: what do you do?
We usually did very low profit things like HS combat anomalies or level 1 or 2 missions. No pvp, fleet huffing or L4 tag team.

To me that’s the biggest thing. Who would create a second account to duo L1s when they can solo L4s? And similarly for other newb activity you are likely to be doing when introducing someone to the game.

When getting into more advanced activities, you might start to get noticed and investigated since there flying 2 ships (and being well coordinated since you can easily talk to each other) is quite an advantage. However, that’s also the point where subbing becomes interesting too, which is what happened with my friend: bought a galaxy pack on sale and, provided we keep playing often enough, he’ll probably keep giving ccp money. Too bad I didn’t think of using the referral system with him X|

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I want to bring him far in low sec to do exploration we want to plex our account this way without paying real money its a chalenge i gave to myself i dunno if my frien will do it or buy with credit card anyway … i can see this possible i already gave ccp couple years of hard earned cash anyway :P.

thanks for answering mate^^

If you use the same email it is automaticly linked as an alt account.

For the last time, due to public wifi and corporate wifi and internet cafe things it is not easy (read legally impossible) to link accounts with different emails to owners without breaking the law. Also, I on occasion take my laptop and play at a friend’s house. Does that makes us one person? If mom pays for the adults living in her basement are family members one person?

Just like most things it is done on a case by case investigation. If you need to ask, you are already convicted without the need for a trail.

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thanks i dont know if you are member of staff i am just a legit player and i read a lot of topic but no one mention if you can take the laptop to the friend house without banhammer or whatsoever thank to you for answering me mate i think they can see legitely that we most of the time during the week play on 2 different ip at more that 50 km away from each other i just wanted to make sure thanks again^^

Edit if one of you have a good overview to refer me i cant find the old one i used to do FW and other stuffs thanks in advance and sorry for being of topic in this edit^^.

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This reddit thread might be helpful to you:

Includes a response from CCP Contra.

Same basic concept, although that’s a father and son at the same address.


Your router will give different public IP to each device that needs to reach into the internet, there can’t be 2 devices with the same IP on the internet. And i’m pretty sure that EVE detects your IP to determine if you are using 2 accounts on the same computer.

With very few exceptions, an internet provider will provide only one IP address that can be routed via the internet. Routers use network address translation to direct traffic to multiple computers that have only a single public IP address, but to the outside world it appears as if all your traffic originates from the same IP address that is assigned to your router.

If CCP did base its abuse detection primarily on public IP address (which it apparently does not), the OP would have good reason to be concerned, and is probably why the question was asked.


I know this is a little old to be replying to but I don’t see any issue here. It’s two separate accounts being played at the same time. You won’t have any issue if you have 3 or four friends over all playing at the same time. There are plenty of people who will run the game in separate windows on the same computer and just alt tab between the different accounts. An example would be 3 accounts, 1 in an Orca and the other 2 mining high sec. Once the Orca fills up, the player alt tabs to that account and runs it back to the station while the other 2 fill cans while that account is running. Once the Orca gets back, load the cans into cargo and alt tab back to the other accounts. Same individual player on the same computer at the helm of all three accounts in different windows is all.

While it is permissible for Omega accounts to do this, Players are expressly forbidden from logging in a second character with any alpha account. To run multiple accounts, all accounts must be Omega, but the OP has alpha accounts.

What the OP is doing is not against the rules, as these alpha accounts are not alts, but the fear that CCP may detect them as alts and subsequently ban both accounts because their traffic originates from the same internet address prompted the question.

The consensus is that this is safe to do in the OP’s situation, but ,were alphas allowed to pilot barges and orcas, the situation you describe would be a definite no no for them.

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