2 Alpha accounts in same household


Looking to get back into Eve again after years away my wife also wants to get involved and start an account with me does anyone have a definitive answer if 2 Alpha accounts are allowed on the same IP they will be set up on seperate email adresses played on seperate systems at the same time and im going to start a fresh account with my wife to get used to the ropes again.

Any thoughts?

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People have asked this in the past, there’s no “definitive answer” that I’ve seen. The TL;DR is that yes it’s allowed if it’s legit, there are many cases where multiple users share an IP (dorms, apartments, shared wi-fi etc.).

From what I can tell, CCP reserves the right to make their own judgement as to whether it’s “legitimate” or not at any time, for whatever reason. So you should be fine. Also, don’t forget to use the referral links, each of you can refer the other retro-active even after account creation, for some decent bonuses.


As long as you don’t obviously try to circumvent the multiboxing restrictions for alphlas, they will probably let you do it. However, they have ways to monitor and compare activities on both accounts, even tick-by-tick. It’s actually not that difficult to detect if its two persons or one controlling these chars over a longer period of time. Any tricks with using virtual machines, remote-controls or input-broadcasting over network won’t work for long.

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alpha and omega same

You both will be able to login, as long as it is two real peoples you have nothing to worry about. After all, they must allow this for many peoples with shared IP.

If you abuse this for multibox, don’t be surprised you eventually get caught and punished.


Inb4 VAC Discussion style “wrongful ban I did nothing wrong” outcome. :smiling_imp:


Yea its legit cheers will give it a shot

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Yea not for multiboxing so cheers will give it a shot

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Awesome cheers will defo give it a shot now also cheers for referral tip never thought of that

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Just watched the vid cheers thanks all for your quick replies i knew i missed a trick leaving the community a few year back haha have a gd weekend everyone.

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That was a fun 20 mins. Thank you Uriel.

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no worries, my Daughter plays Eve as an alpha while i multibox with a bunch of Omega accounts … nothing ever happens, i’m pretty sure CCP is smart enough to figure out if the accounts are from different people or not, since we have CPU-ID and other things of identification.

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@Dezriel_Hinken the correct answer is to speak with the GM team directly in regards to any concerns on the rules. See https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011834800-Contacting-Support

Only the GM team can give you official response to this type of inquiry.

That said, the following is relevant for you:

Section 2 - https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/8413329735580-EVE-Online-End-User-License-Agreement


You may establish more than one Account for each copy of the Software licensed. You are however not allowed to play EVE by using more than one Account at the same time, unless you pay a subscription fee for each of the Accounts you intend to use for that purpose.

A. Establishing a New Account

Upon establishing a new Account, you will be entitled to play EVE. Once you have established an account, you will have an option to pay a subscription fee, which will allow you to enjoy additional features in EVE.

Only an individual, natural person who is an adult or, in the discretion of such an adult, his or her minor child, may establish an Account. You are responsible and liable for all activities conducted through your Account, regardless of who conducts those activities.


there you go, the EULA covers the Individuals only, not the Infrastructure used.

in You may establish and Only an individual … may establish

Two individuals = two EULA’s agreed on = 2 Alpha accounts can be online.

i would just not mix them, as in using the same computers or somethings like that, to prevent false positives.

My daughter plays Eve too, but not too serious so omega is not in the picture yet, but her account is on her computer only and none of my accounts have ever ben there. so it’s pretty clear that there are different individuals.

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