A and O accounts came from same ip address but not the same pc?

I am aware omega and alpha accounts can’t play eve in the same time. it is forbidden.

How about that, I play eve online in my desktop pc with my omega account meanwhile i’m using my alpha accounts for scout in my laptop pc. I have two computer running eve online.

Alpha and Omega accounts came from same ip address but not the same pc.
Would I be banned because for it?

As I understand it since you are the same player, yes that is against the rules.

Technically if some other person was playing from same IP but different PC then that would be OK.

Which is why we sometimes get incorrect ban warnings because CCP can’t tell whether it’s one person bending the rules or two legit players.

Ban’em all and let Bob sort’em out, that’s what my pappy would say. :slight_smile:


There was a wonderful feature of logging as many alphas as your pc could handle at once without repercussions. Relax and don’t be so paranoid.

Your best bet would be write a ticket and ask GM. We are only players and our word means nothing. In the end it’s GM decision and in case of green light on your ticket. You have something to back up if you get flagged by the system.

still it’s very borderline and probably ends up as personal opinion of GM that will take your case. Now or in future if some problems arise. And that time will come, sooner or later.

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Roll a D6

1-2 yes
3-4 no
5-6 roll again

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I think there’s almost zero chance of them enforcing this unless they detect an extraordinary amount of accounts coming from the same IP. If it’s just two at a time, you shouldn’t have any issues. They have better things to do than to punish low-level offenders for inconsequential actions, especially those who are paying customers.

Even if you somehow magically get hit, I doubt it would be anything more than a warning, seeing as how even botters and RMTers don’t get permanent bans on the first offense.

No, but now you made CCP aware, maybe. @PakGOD

More like:
1-2 no response
3-4 it is forbidden, you will be banned
5-6 copy-and-paste of policy that doesn’t really address the question.


Frat: I feel offended

It is not prohibited to play with your family on alpha accounts together. Restrictions are applied to use of multiple Alpha accounts (or Alpha and Omega accounts) simultaneously by the same person. - GM Whiskers (2019)

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In EVE itself I run the rule ; if it’s possible, it’s ok

In this case tho, I’d call for common sense. I mean… really?

Logging in an Alpha account together with another account is against the rules.

Yes, you can circumvent the alpha login restriction in various ways, your idea is one of those ways. Just like botting, it is technically possible even though it is not allowed.

The risk that CCP will eventually catch you and ban you for it is unknown, but do you really wish to break the rules to find out?

Why not turn the second account Omega if you want to multibox?

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