Alpha/omega multiplayer/multiboxing

I know I’m not alloud to run multiple alpha on 1 computer but can I run 1 alpha with my omega. Also is it 1 alpha per ip? My brother would like to give it a go with me

They can’t distinguish between “your brother” and “your laptop” so don’t ask, don’t tell.

My accounts all have an alpha numeric code so I know which is which but someone actually has an account name thats right in the middle of it and its not me.
Its so wierd.

No we want to play together. So either 2 alpha on separate computers or an omega and alpha on separate computers

Maybe best if you ask support directly, only they know for sure. But aside of the family members on same IP thing as a single person you can not have multiple alphas signed in and also not allowed to have an alpha signed in if you have an omega signed in. You can have multiple omegas signed in though but that’s it, alphas are meant to be no more than one per person.

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I recall a fellow who had issues with a ban from CCP due to running multiple alphas from his home. Apparently he had to contact support and demonstrate that it was really him playing with his sons in order to get it sorted out.

CCP’s stance is generally “if you think you should ask if it’s OK, it probably isn’t.”

I’d check in with support.

Running from separate computers is fine, but running from a VM might get GM action depending on what you do in-game (e.g. if all of the accounts are “magically” mining in sync), and whether they can differentiate the VM environment (which is amazingly difficult to do if you set it up properly).

If they didn’t allow multiple clients from the same IP, then places like college dorms wouldn’t be able to support more than a single person playing EVE at a time, which would be absurd.

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