Am i allowed to run an alpha account while being logged in as omega on a separate machine?

Hello folks. Essentially my question is in the subject. May i face any issues from EULA perspective if i run an alpha account on a separate machine while all my omegas are run on another?

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technically no as its per person or suppose to be ip, but everyone does it anyways until CCP finds someway to fix their “smashing success” which will be never

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I most certainly do not


@Agondray is completely and utterly wrong.

It is against the EULA, a violation of the EULA to run an alpha and omega at the same time, even on different computers. If CCP somehow finds out, you will be punished.

So dont do it.


nor do i, but i had a guy in my help channel advertising it and admitting that many people in his alliance do and no ones been banned for it after another guy asked this same question


If they are registered with the same email address I would say no.

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As the cop writes your ticket :slight_smile:

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The only way, you can have an alpha and Omega in the same house on different PC’s, would be if one is a family member . Paraphrasing @ISD_Fractal on this . Best bet is to really just ask a GM.

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This is correct. Any other method would be in violation of the EULA.

You may submit a support ticket to get an “official” answer or by sending an e-mail to from an e-mail address associated with an eve account.

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ive reported people that do it, brag about or advertise that they have people that do it and nothings ever been done and encourage others to do it. nothings ever seemed to happen.

maybe when enough people do it CCP will pick up the pace unless this is about server numbers :thinking:

Aren’t you a nice boy.

It happens more than you know and I don’t see how it can be prevented.

Try punctuation sometime. It’s a thing.

People will certainly notice once they figure it out.

Just because they are relaxed on it now does not mean they will be tomorrow. Just don’t cry about it when the banhammer hits.

so my alpha fleet is ok as long as
Come over to play on there laptops OK cool I’m covered :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, so if I ever need to unsub one of my accounts due to financial constraints, am I not allowed to play it unless I fully unsub all of them?

No, the alpha-limitation means that you cannot log in any other account at the same time as an alpha-account

I know it happens.

Also i don’t want to.

Have to keep things in short text because the illiterate can’t read more than a few words at a time or they complain about a text wall

Your not allowed to Multibox.

I have my main and 2 accounts i had for standings back when standings meant having a POS in empire. They haven’t been Omega since, i can still play them, i just cant do something like have 2 of them in a mission like i could with Omega

In the next post:


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College dorms. Same external ip, 50-100 different devices