Omega and Alpha accounts logged in simultaneously?

(Vanja Baclon) #1

As the title says, is it possible to log Omega and Alpha accounts simultaneously, using the same IP?

(Memphis Baas) #2

Omegas are unrestricted.

Alpha - there can be only one (no other accounts can be logged in, including Omega).

(Steve Ronuken) #3

From the same IP isn’t technically restricted. Though there’s a EULA restriction on the player. So while you could use a laptop and a desktop at the same time, coming from the same public IP, it’s against the EULA. (Two players, on the other hand, are fine)

On the same computer, there’s a technical restriction. (if you find a way to bypass is, you’re still in breach of the EULA)

(DaReaper) #4

and this makes sense, as if say i’m an omega and i want my room mate/wife/kid/friend/whoever to play, it would be much harder if they could only be logged in and i couldn’t. But yea like steve says, you need a different computer and a different person. If its you using two computers and you get aught that will most likley be a ban.

(Vanja Baclon) #5

Thank you all, for clarifying that :smiley:

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