Clone state alpha login restricted

I am curious as to why the `clone state alpha login restricted’ is there to prevent an alpha and omega clones logging onto one computer at the same time, when the same alpha and omega clones can log in on 2 different computers at the same time ?
I have no problems with the in game restriction of an alpha clone, except this one, which seams a bit pointless

To prevent obvious abuse by using alpha (free) alts to assist you instead of making friends.

As for the 2 pc’s, well that is because 2 PC’s = 2 different players by CCP.

And even if you do use 2 pc’s to log in an Alpha and Omega, it is technically against the EULA / ToS when you do that

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apparently it’s not pointless, as it stopped you from doing exactly that.

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If you have alpha account logged in, it’s the only account you are allowed to have logged in that belongs to you.

The blockade enforces that.

Trying to circumvent that blockade (for example by using two PCs) is violation of EULA.

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According to it is allowed to use two computers, one for an alpha and the other for omegas.

“Multiple Omega accounts may be logged in at one time, as long as no Alpha account is actively logged into on the same computer.”

does not mean this:

If you run an Alpha account you, as a player, are not allowed to run any other account regardless of how many PCs you may have/use.


Regardless, someone will be along shortly to try and barrack room lawyer their way around the rules.


@ISD_Sakimura Can you explain what “on the same computer” part of “as long as no Alpha account is actively logged into on the same computer” of means. To me the restriction “on the same computer” implies that it is allowed when not on the same computer else there would be no reason to add the “on the same computer” part.

As long as your accounts are Omega you can run as many clients as you want, on a single PC or as many as you have in your home. The wording is that way because as Omega you can run multiple clients while you cannot as Alpha.

Here’s a posted reply from a GM

It’s also clearly spelled out in the EULA:

    You may establish more than one Account for each copy of the Software licensed. You are however not allowed to play EVE by using more than one Account at the same time, unless you pay a subscription fee for each of the Accounts you intend to use for that purpose.
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Uhuh. And suppose a different “family member” (which may or may not be an adorable kitty) wants to play on an Alpha account at the same time as I’m playing on my account(s)? What then?

Having rules only makes sense if the rules themselves make sense. There is no practical difference between one person playing on multiple accounts (including Alphas) and multiple members of a household playing on their own individual accounts. What is CCP going to do? Tell families that if all of them want to play at the same time, no Alpha accounts are allowed? Require players to prove that they have siblings by sending in copies of birth certificates?

It’s a laughable limitation, and everyone who wants to gets around it very easily, and I don’t think CCP has ever actually punished anyone for breaking it.


Ae you saying that my son alpha account can’t be logged in at the same time as my omega account.
2 PC’s same ip address

because you and your son are same person?

(alpha restriction is not IP based but PC based - when client launches it checks for other eve client processes in the system)

my point exactly.
some times my son wants me to log into his alpha account at night because he has not gotten his daily login bonus. It would be so much easier if i could open his account on my computer, rather than having to end what i am doing in eve, log out open his account, do what he needed, log out, then log back into my account to keep playing eve. Or for that matter start another computer to access his account.

But how will CCP be able to enforce there rules if not by checking how many logins are coming from the same IP address

I will tell you a “secret” in here - ip address means jackshit in actually properly identifying end users.

And specifically would not work in trying to verify one person using multiple PCs.

Rules being Rules, and all of that being said, while there would be solutions to determine it’s same user I’m quite convinced that they too expensive for CCP to be able to afford actually deploying those, so the only way they could enforce it if you told your friends that you are doing it, and they got chat logs of that. Or if you were streaming your multibox alpha. Basically only if you incriminated yourself in there.

Buuuuut I didn’t invent the rules, nor was I judging them, I have merely quoted them.

That’s a bit of an edge case, for every person that used the ability to log an alpha and an omega on the same pc at the same time in the way you describe, there would be 20 more that use it to gain an advantage.

There are many ways to track who is in control of which accounts, Email, Credit Card, IP (not really that usefull on it’s on, but combined with other data it’s a powerfull tool), behavior and many more… Tranquility server generates Terabytes of logs each and every day, and I’m sure CCP have plenty of ways to identify people and their activities, if you/we give them a reason to investigate.

@von_rock_Patrouette as for you and your son; yes you can play together as much as you want (from within the same household) but you cannot access (play) your son’s account on his behalf. As stated in the EULA/ToS and mentioned in this thread; unless each and every account you want to run is paid for you may only play on one (alpha) account.

You can, but may not.

On no account can you use an account that you arent accountable for.

Makes sense to me.

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