Alpha and omega

Is it possile to have an alpha and omega account open at the same one 1 computer if so how do i do it please

thank you, from a totally noob player

It is not possible. Or at least, it is a violation of the EULA to do so.

ah ok
so is it possible to have 2 alpha’s logged in together or 2 omega’s together ?

No to two Alphas - it’s against the rules.

Yes to two Omegas though. You can have as many simultaneous Omega accounts running as you would like.

To be clear, this restriction is not computer based. You as a single person are not allowed to use an Alpha and any other account simultaneously (Alpha or Omega) whether that is on one computer or many. The only legal way to have multiple simultaneous logins is if all the accounts are Omega.

thank you

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