Alpha and Omega same time

Quick question my son has an alpha account on his PC and I of course am on my PC he still lives with me can we be online at the same time ?

As long as you are on separate accounts (can’t account share anyway) then yes. You can both play and even multibox as many accounts as either of you want as long as he is playing his accounts and you are playing yours.

Big Brother is watching!

perfect, what if I have his account linked ? I some times login when hes at work for him to throw something on his queue.

I can always walk up stairs not exactly a hassle but you know. lazy gamer so if I can avoid it I will , just need it clarified to keep myself and him in the right.

I know from the constant replies to this effect in Rookie Help when people ask, that one person is not supposed to have an Omega and an Alpha account launched at the same time. It is not allowed.

This is to prevent an Omega player making themselves their own fleet of mining ships or their own gank squad out of free Alpha accounts. Multiple Omega accounts are allowed.

This limit is per person however. The launcher won’t allow one person to launch an Omega and an Alpha at the same time. If two seperate people are using two seperate accounts on two seperate PCs then of course these rules don’t apply.

The lines are slightly blurred in your case. If you are using his Alpha account for yourself at the same time as your Omega then that is not allowed. How that would be detected is another matter. If you’re using his PC then for all anyone knows, he is playing his account and you are playing yours.

While I haven’t tried it myself, I think (as mentioned above) that you would not be able to launch your account and his at the same time from the same PC, so I think you’ll have to take that walk up stairs, and it’s probably safer to do so in terms of not breaking any rules.

Basically I just log his alpha some times to to queue things for him as I said while hes at work, as you cant login an alpha while an omega is in, log out omega log in alpha que some stuff for him.

just wanted it clarified about having omega and alpha online at the same time from different pc’s.

The launcher absolutely will allow you to start accounts that are Omega and Alpha. The character selection screen is where you will be stopped… there are exploits and weird scenarios that CCP knows about that allow you to log into an alpha and omega simultaneously on the same PC, but it’s against the EULA.

The situation you’ve provided, you are fine. CCP doesn’t limit a household to 1 user.

CCP responded to a few very similar questions when alphas were first introduced.

Here’s one I can find currently:

You’re technically not supposed to “share” accounts (log in with someone else’s account and password), but they overlook this for family members. For strangers (corp. buddies, alliance friends, etc.), they will ban you if they detect you doing it.

If your son is a minor, then you are supposed to create an account for him (under your name / with your email). Otherwise, if you have your account under your name, and he has his account under his name, even if they are buddy-linked, CCP will treat them as different persons for the purpose of distinguishing between Alpha/Omega and how many simultaneous logins are happening. Basically, the IP address doesn’t matter.

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