Can we log in alpha accounts at same time as our omega?

Hey guys just wondering is this possible?


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Only one Alpha account can be active at a time.

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what if i recruit someone, can I log in as alpha at the same time my omega is logged in?

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So the next thing you will think about is “Should I start a second account”…

IMO don’t go down that road until you are 100% sure of what you want to do and know it requires a second ship.

Nope…only multi-Omega accounts can be active at the same time…an Alpha/Omega combo is not allowed…

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i made a new alpha account from recruiting it, and i was able to log in at the same time my omega is logged in.

Try it.

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If you are logged in as Omega and try to log in an additional Alpha the game will tell you No.

If you are logged in as an Alpha and try to log in either another Alpha or an Omega the game will tell you No.


read my post above.

try it.

Post a SS of it then to prove us all wrong please…should take you all of 1 minute to do that…

Also, opening the launcher is not the same as actually launching a character…

This is against the rules, not sure how you are getting around them and I suggest you don’t say any more on this topic.

ISD have been informed, just take a seat over there and someone will be here to collect you shortly. :wink:


i have NO idea what ur talking about.
Just try it yourself

i made a new account thru recruiting and I was able to simply make anew character and log in while my omega account was online.

EDIT: also i just saw bunch of trasher ganking alpha accounts and ventures from the same 2 guys.

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Not sure.

Seems like there are a lot of bug with this.

The final entry “Multiple Clients running at once”

Not available, if there is a client logged into an Alpha account, no additional EVE clients can be started past the character selection screen, independent of their state.


If you have been able to log in both an Alpha and Omega I urge you to bug report it.

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report bug for what? what if its not a bug? how do I know?
many times game companies say something but do something else.
keep the readers happy and at same time let everyone play the way they want.

just try it urself, recruit a new alt, and log in with ur omega logged in. It works.

here all of these are alpha accounts:
same guy

last time I tried, it did not work.

Did you read what I quoted? … Because that is the official CCP RULES!

It’s not rules, it’s how they explain it was designed at the moment of the article.
Which may have changed since then, like the limit of SP, etc.

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OK lets see if we can get some official action then, paging

@ISD_Buldath and @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode

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No those are the actual rules. It’s kinda like trying to avoid CONCORD: even if you succeed (or try to) by accident or by trying to outsmart the system you’re comitting a bannable offense.


Why are you making a post to ask a question and then disregard all the answers because you already think you know better?