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Greetings pilots,

As we all know, the newest addition to Alpha clones has still kept some of us questioning motives at CCP, but this is not a post about motives, or why or why not certain aspects were put in place. In fact, I have taken to the newest changes and have accepted them, but there is a flaw that I think would help keep productivity up as well as, creating a seamless flow from account switching.

We are aware of the fact that most of us can’t log in an Alpha account alongside a Omega account and vice versa. But, what if we could change this and make it easier?

I think maybe for a lot of us who are using an Alpha account to do certain things, such as skill up only, or quick tasks of transferring ISK to another account would be much easier if we could pause our Omega accounts, and have the login screen for our Alphas up and ready to log in. As you might see where this is going, you use the Alpha account and once you log off you just simply resume the game.

But, it’s not as simple as that. We understand that when a single-player game is paused everything is frozen. But, in a multiplayer game, you simply don’t have that luxury. Well, how can we fix this? For starters, I wanted to tackle maybe freezing your skill queue only while the rest of the game is still (active). Maybe also have the client while skill queue is frozen have a hazed transparency over it letting you know its “frozen”.

Personally, f don’t mind to have to log out three characters at once and log them back in, but I do plan to get more characters and it will eventually become a pain in the rear.

If you have any suggestions or dislikes or generally anything pertaining to this topic, please make sure to write a reply!

As always, please, have a great day!

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Summary: Wants to login alphas and omegas same time.

-1 no.


No, not sure how you can summarize that. I want to be able to do something on an Alpha without having to log out my Omega because imagine if I had 50 accounts Omega and had to log them all in and out everytime I needed to do something on an Alpha. It’s not me wanting to have them both logged in it’s to have the above “issue” sorta be easier to manage. Plus your pausing a skill queue, and making it unplayable once your over onto the Alpha account. It’s the same thing as not being able to log in, you just can’t resume playing yet until your alpha is logged off.

Does this help in terms of what I am trying to achieve?


Not like $15 would.

I personally don’t appreciate when someone who has a name like “SALT” is on a forums and is not contributing anything constructive to the chatter.

If I can help ease the life of EVE players, I will do my best to help achieve this goal. But, I will simply ignore and call out those whom are simply here to make a mockery of what is being said, as well as assuming what one’s thoughts. So, do enjoy bantering to nothing but the beat of your own horn.

For those who do have input, please let me know, because it’s about simplicity, not personal gain.


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Your idea would make it mandatory to have Onega and alpha accounts unless you wanted to be left massively behind those who use 2 accounts. There is no valid reason to allow this.


If possible I would like to see the polar opposite of this, only one account logged in at any given time.
With how things are at the moment it’s not really possible.

How does it make it mandatory? If someone chooses to have an Omega and then decides to also want another alpha that they hope to later put into Omega is the reason behind this. Plus, you can only have one logged in and to have that sorta stay is the point I hope people are reading. If you pause or freeze or make the other account that is ALREADY logged in that is a Omega and you click for instance, ESC, pause account, then you can play on the alpha, where you skillpoints are frozen and you cant undock until your Alpha is logged off. That way you only are logging in an Alpha one at a time rather than logging in all your Omegas one at a time.

I’d also like clarification of what you mean by “With how things are at the moment it’s not really possible” An idea is an idea until the action that causes the idea to work. Overall I am really not trying to change the structure of the system in place, just to make it easier so logging off and on is not a pain in the ass.

That is all,


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